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Visiting Dr. Kincaid for Plastic Surgery
Dr. Kincaid is proud to be the surgeon of choice for patients throughout the area, including those South OC plastic surgery patients who have visited his modern facility. His considerable experience and artistic eye have attracted numerous Las Vegas plastic surgery and La Jolla breast implants patients, who have trusted Dr. Kincaid with their surgical needs after learning about his dedication to patient safety and satisfaction.

Plastic Surgery South Orange County - Dr. Stuart Kincaid

South Orange County plastic surgery and breast augmentation patients have been visiting Dr. Kincaid's offices for years due to his commitment to providing his patients with the most rewarding results possible. Dr. Kincaid understands it can be difficult to find a plastic surgery specialist you can trust. This is why he personally meets with every patient to answer any questions and create a customized treatment plan.

Throughout his extensive plastic surgery career, Dr. Kincaid has believed that patient education and safety are critical to achieving rewarding results. Dr. Kincaid is personally involved in all aspects of a patient's procedure, from the initial consultation to numerous recovery appointments, to better ensure that all of his patients, including those traveling from South Orange County for breast augmentation, obtain their desired cosmetic results.

Dr. Kincaid has personally chosen The HideAway surgical recovery facility for his South OC plastic surgery patients to enjoy after undergoing their treatment. This recovery facility is located near his offices in La Jolla, California, and is specifically designed to offer all patients, including those who have traveled to his offices for breast augmentation surgery, around-the-clock care in a comfortable environment.

Body Contouring Procedures

Mommy Makeover Surgery
Mommy makeover is a uniquely tailored treatment that is comprised of breast enhancement and body sculpting procedures to combat undesirable physical changes after pregnancy. It is popular among women in Southern Orange County who wish to gain more confidence in their appearance following childbirth and breastfeeding.

Liposuction surgery allows men and women in South Orange County to obtain the slim appearance they desire by removing unwanted areas of fat from the body. Liposuction can be used on many areas of the body, including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, knees, neck, and even the face.

Dr. Stuart Kincaid is a top South Orange County abdominoplasty surgeon who has helped many plastic surgery patients overcome aesthetic issues with their figures, including excess fat and sagging skin around the abdomen. He performs traditional tummy tuck surgery and mini-tummy tuck for men and women who are concerned about the appearance of their lower abdomen.

Other Body Procedures...

Breast Procedures

Breast Implants
Dr. Kincaid offers silicone and saline breast implants to women who want to enhance their bustlines. Dr. Kincaid understands the diverse needs of his patients and also places extra-large breast implants for women who desire a busty figure.

Breast Reduction
Breast reduction surgery can alleviate back pain and discomfort that many women with large breasts endure. The procedure also creates a more proportionate figure, allowing women to feel more confident in their appearance.

Breast Lift Surgery
Breast lift is a popular procedure among women who yearn for the perky curves of their youth. The procedure lifts the breasts to a higher position and eliminates excess, sagging skin that can be brought on by breastfeeding and weight fluctuations.

Other Breast Procedures...

Face Procedures

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery, is performed for men and women who are unhappy with the size of their nose, or irregularities in its appearance such as bumps or a bulbous tip. As a top facial plastic surgeon in Southern OC, Dr. Kincaid is able to achieve natural-looking results for different demographic groups, including men and women as well as ethnic rhinoplasty patients.

Facelift is a delicate procedure that gently pulls the skin on the face upward, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restoring a youthful appearance. Dr. Kincaid performs traditional facelift and mid-facelift for patients who require less extensive changes. With decades of experience, Dr. Kincaid is able to help patients achieve an attractive appearance, not one that looks "worked on."

Other Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures...

Laser Procedures

Laser Skin Resurfacing
Dr. Kincaid uses the very latest laser technology, including DOT (dermal optical thermolysis) therapy to perform laser skin resurfacing in Southern Orange County. This treatment can correct skin irregularities caused by sun damage, acne scars, injuries and aging.

Acne Scar Treatment
Patients who are unhappy with their appearance due to lingering acne scars can receive laser acne treatments from board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stuart Kincaid. Dr. Kincaid offers a number of treatment options, including CO2 Fractional laser treatments, to help patients achieve a clear, attractive complexion.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

Botox Injections
Botox is perhaps one of the most well-known facial injectable treatments. This cosmetic procedure effectively treats fine lines and wrinkles between the brows and on the forehead. It is ideal for men and women who desire a youthful boost, but do not wish to undergo .

Microdermabrasion is an excellent treatment option for patients who wish to rejuvenate the appearance of their skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes, acne scars and age spots. This non-invasive treatment is completed in the comfort of Dr. Kincaid's San Diego / Temecula practice in less than one hour.

Other Minimally Invasive Treatments...

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Dr. Kincaid has extensive experience helping individuals throughout Southern California, including San Clemente plastic surgery and Poway patients, attain their aesthetic goals through a variety of procedures. In addition to breast augmentation in Encinitas, Dr. Kincaid performs face lift, nose surgery, liposuction and abdominoplasty. To learn more about these and the other procedures Dr. Kincaid performs, please read the other pages of his website or call his practice at (866) 237-8462.