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Our Patient's Say it Best

Breast Augmentation Revision Patient

"I am 33 year old female, born and raised in beautiful San Diego. At age 22 I started my career working in the medical cosmetic esthetics industry. For 11 years I have had the opportunity to meet and personally know many of the plastic surgeons throughout all of San Diego. I recently decided to get a remove and replace breast augmentation. And there was no doubt in my mind that I would have Dr. Stuart Kincaid do the procedure. If you want perfection, then he is the surgeon I would recommend. His outstanding staff and medical team provide excellent customer service, patient care and true integrity...Read more

Breast Augmentation Yuma

"I am a 36 year old military spouse with 3 children. I had breast implants done 15 years ago above the muscle and at 400 cc's. I decided that after all of these years, it was time to make myself feel better and gain back my confidence. Read More

Actual Before & After Photos

San Diego Revisional Breast Augmentation – La Jolla, Temecula, Inland Empire
Dr. Stuart Kincaid

As a top breast enhancement specialist in the San Diego area, Dr. Stuart Kincaid is well known for his ability to produce stunning results through safe, rewarding procedures. In some instances, women seek Dr. Kincaid's care after undergoing previous breast augmentation surgery with another plastic surgeon and are dissatisfied with the results. Dr. Kincaid has vast experience performing breast augmentation revision procedures and can help women achieve the looks they initially desired.

breast aug
*Actual breast augmentation revision patient. Click here for description and more photos.

Performing Remove and Replace Breast Surgery

Thousands of women undergo breast augmentation each year. As their breasts heal, women may experience complications that cause them to achieve an unnatural appearance or physical discomfort. Dr. Kincaid helps these women who are dissatisfied with their previous breast augmentation procedures obtain the beautiful results they wish to achieve.

Dr. Kincaid begins the procedure with an initial consultation to evaluate their conditions and determine which redo breast augmentation technique is right for them. Most patients choose to undergo “remove and replace: breast implants surgery, which removes the previous implant and replaces it with an implant that is better suited for their body frame and meets their goals for the procedure. Dr. Kincaid offers breast implants of all sizes, including XL breast implants for patients who wish to obtain fuller bustlines.

Women whose health is compromised by breast augmentation may benefit from breast implant removal with Dr. Kincaid. During the procedure, he gently removes breast implants to ease patients' physical discomforts and allow them to heal fully from complications before undergoing revisional breast augmentation.

Dr. Kincaid holds expertise in treating several concerns with previous breast augmentation procedures, including improper implant placement, ruptures, wrinkling, bottoming out, symmastia, capsular contracture or unnatural appearances.

Breast Augmentation Revision Before and After PhotosBreast Augmentation Revision Before and After Photos
PRE-OP: Severe Breast Distortion Previous Breast Augmentation by Different Surgeon Severe Implant Capsules with Ruptured Gel Implants Implants Above Muscle3 Months POST-OP: Revision of Breast Augmentation Remove Old Gel Implants Capsulectomies (Remove Old Capsules) 275cc New Saline Implants Under Muscle Mastopexies (Breast Lift)

Recovering From Breast Augmentation Revision

Patients typically need to rest for two weeks before they are ready to return to their daily activities. Dr. Kincaid meets with patients regularly throughout the recovery period to ensure patients are achieving healthy recovery periods and there are no complications during the healing process. He and his dedicated team are there for patients every step of the procedure to ensure patients achieve the results they desired from their first breast augmentation procedure.

Breast Augmentation Revision Before and After PhotosBreast Augmentation Revision Before and After Photos
Breast Augmentation Revision Before and After PhotosBreast Augmentation Revision Before and After Photos

This 29 year old Hispanic patient was unhappy with the results she got from another plastic surgeon she went too. She explained to Dr. Kincaid that she wanted a natural look, yet larger breasts and smaller nipples with a natural looking slope up top. Dr. Kincaid achieved her desired look by removing old implants and putting in new Moderate Plus profile, saline-filled implants.

Breast Augmentation Revision Before and After PhotosBreast Augmentation Revision Before and After Photos
Breast Augmentation Revision Before and After PhotosBreast Augmentation Revision Before and After Photos

Happy 34-year-old Mother and Marathon Runner 3 months after Breast Augmentation Revision removing 350 cc Saline Submuscular Implants and Replacing with New 650 cc Silicone Gel High-Profile Submuscular Implants with simultaneous Periareolar Mastopexies (Breast Lift).

Finger Vs. Keller Funnel – Video provided by Keller Medical, Inc.
Keller Funnel – Video provided by Keller Medical, Inc.

Contacting Your San Diego Breast Augmentation Revision Surgeon

To learn more about undergoing revisional breast augmentation in San Diego, please visit the contact page or call Dr. Kincaid's office at (858) 450-4199 to schedule an appointment.