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Rhinoplasty – Recovery Period
Dr. Stuart B. Kincaid – San Diego, Temecula Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stuart Kincaid and his medical team are renowned throughout the greater San Diego area as leading San Diego, La Jolla, Temecula and Inland Empire rhinoplasty specialists. In addition to offering leading-edge procedures, they also provide impeccable patient care. This approach has helped them establish an outstanding reputation that attracts numerous rhinoplasty San Diego patients every year. Please read on to learn more about rhinoplasty procedure and recovery.

Nose Surgery: Am I a candidate?

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is a procedure that helps attain a more proportionate nasal shape and size. This surgical treatment is appropriate for individuals who constantly feel self-conscious about the appearance of their nose because it looks too large, small or misshapen in relation to the other facial features. Another reason why many of Dr. Kincaid's rhinoplasty San Diego patients pursue this procedure is because they desire to remove a prominent nasal hump and/or straighten the nasal bridge. Dr. Kincaid conducts thorough consultations with all of his patients in order to learn about their aesthetic desires and expectations, an approach that allows him to design individualized treatment plans that deliver highly rewarding results.

Recovery After Rhinoplasty in La Jolla / San Diego

Recognizing that many patients desire to learn as much as possible about rhinoplasty procedure and recovery, Dr. Kincaid has created a timeline that provides general guidelines for what to expect after nose surgery:

24–48 hours. The nose is packed and covered with surgical dressings. Most patients experience swelling and bruising, and some might notice minor bleeding. These post-surgical occurrences are normal and any discomfort they cause can be managed with medications.

2–3 days. Swelling begins to subside, stitches and packing is usually removed from the nose. Patients need to continue to exercise caution and avoid bending, lifting and straining.

7–10 days. Most patients feel and look well enough to return to work.

3–4 weeks. Depending on the condition of each San Diego / La Jolla rhinoplasty patient, certain types of exercise can be resumed. At about this time, most patients can start wearing eye glasses without special nose protection.

Several months. While the nose usually appears healed, patients need to avoid direct sunlight and make sure to wear sun block.

One year. Because very minor residual swelling might continue for many months following rhinoplasty surgery, the final results of nose surgery sometimes become fully apparent after one year.

Follow-Up Consultations

The results of rhinoplasty are permanent as the nose retains its new shape once fully healed. However, the natural process of aging affects all tissues, including the nose. Thus, mature patients who have noticed unwelcome signs of aging in the nasal area sometimes pursue facial rejuvenation procedures to correct these issues. Any additional procedures can be discussed during periodic follow-up consultations Dr. Kincaid conducts with his San Diego, La Jolla, Temecula and Inland Empire nose surgery patients. As a seasoned plastic surgeon, he recognizes the relationship between the doctor and the patient does not end once the surgery is completed, but continues throughout the years as the surgeon continues to monitor the patients' progress.

Contacting Your San Diego Rhinoplasty Surgeon

If you have been contemplating nose surgery and would like to obtain more information, please visit our contact page to arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Stuart Kincaid.

As a dedicated San Diego / Temecula plastic surgeon, Dr. Stuart Kincaid takes great pride in helping all of his patients achieve their cosmetic goals. His commitment and outstanding surgical skill have allowed him to establish a reputation as an excellent San Diego liposuction, SmartLipo and tummy tuck surgeon. In addition, he is recognized as a leading San Diego / La Jolla breast augmentation and facelift specialist. Please explore the respective pages to learn more about these treatments.

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For San Diego nose surgery choose Stuart Kincaid.

For more information visit The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).