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Rhinoplasty / Nose Surgery – Initial Consultation
San Diego, Temecula, Inland Empire Plastic Surgeon

Over the course of his career, Dr. Stuart Kincaid has performed many nose surgery procedures, helping thousands of San Diego, Temecula, Inland Empire and La Jolla rhinoplasty patients realize their dreams of a beautiful, elegant nasal profile. Recognizing that some individuals feel apprehensive about undergoing rhinoplasty in San Diego, Dr. Kincaid takes the time to thoroughly explain this procedure and address any concerns they might have. In the paragraphs below, he describes rhinoplasty procedure, its results and costs.

Rhinoplasty Surgery in La Jolla / San Diego

While rhinoplasty surgery involves only a relatively small part of the body, this procedure requires advanced surgical skill and refined aesthetic judgment on the part of the surgeon. As one of the most experienced San Diego rhinoplasty specialists, Dr. Kincaid applies his expertise to every nose surgery procedure in order to skillfully reshape nasal bone, cartilage and skin tissue. Because rhinoplasty involves many intricate surgical manipulations, this procedure typically requires 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Dr. Kincaid performs rhinoplasty either under general or local anesthesia. While most nose surgery procedures can be safely performed using local anesthesia in conjunction with intravenous sedation, some rhinoplasty San Diego / La Jolla patients prefer general anesthesia in order to be completely comfortable during this procedure. After the administration of anesthesia, Dr. Kincaid creates small incisions in the nose (if performing closed rhinoplasty) or in the strip of skin separating the nostrils (if performing open rhinoplasty). He then carefully modifies the nasal structures in order to create a more proportionate nasal profile. After the procedure is completed, special surgical packing is placed in the nose and it is covered with bandages.

Rhinoplasty Results

Immediately following rhinoplasty surgery, the nose is swollen and might feel very stuffy. Dr. Kincaid can prescribe medications to help La Jolla / San Diego rhinoplasty patients manage any discomfort these sensations might create. Typically, patients feel much better after the nasal packing and stitches are removed, which occurs within three days of rhinoplasty surgery. The swelling usually subsides almost completely within a month, after which patients can return to their social activities while enjoying the newfound self-confidence achieved through rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty: Financial Considerations

Because rhinoplasty is most often performed due to cosmetic reasons, most insurance companies do not cover this procedure. However, if a part or the complete rhinoplasty procedure is performed in order to correct functional problems, insurance companies might pay for this treatment. At Dr. Kincaid's offices, friendly patient coordinators can help rhinoplasty San Diego / La Jolla patients explore their insurance options and make the necessary financial arrangements. Even in cases whereby rhinoplasty is not covered by insurance, patients often decide to pursue this procedure because of the immense positive change it can bring to their lives. Thus, rhinoplasty can transform one's constant self-consciousness into a calm sense of self-assuredness stemming from the enhanced harmony between the inner and outer selves.

Contacting Your San Diego Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dr. Stuart Kincaid invites all individuals considering rhinoplasty in La Jolla / Temecula to contact his offices in order to arrange a personal consultation. During this time, he can evaluate their nasal structure and overall health, and suggest a treatment plan geared towards realizing their aesthetic desires.

At Dr. Stuart Kincaid's plastic surgery San Diego offices, patient comfort and well-being are the utmost priorities. This is why attentive nurses and patient coordinators are always at hand to take care of their every need. The superb care offered at Dr. Kincaid's offices attracts numerous tummy tuck, liposuction and SmartLipo San Diego patients every year. In addition, Dr. Kincaid is renowned as a gifted San Diego / La Jolla breast augmentation and facelift surgeon. Please explore the respective pages to learn more about these procedures.

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