Patient Testimonial and Recovery Timeline

Below is an actual patient of Dr. Kincaid, her testimonial and before and after photos throughout the recovery process. The patient elected to undergo a facelift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, neck lift, brow lift, tip rhinoplasty, breast lift, vaser liposuction of the back, lateral chest, outter and inner thighs, lower abdomen and bilateral flanks.

Patient Testimonial

face lift in temecula and facelift san diego

15 Day Recovery Photo Timeline of Facial Plastic Surgery Patient

face lift neck lift brow lift recovery photos
Facelift patient testimonial san diego

Before and After Photos 4 Months Post Surgery

Before and after photos of facial plastic surgeryDr. Kincaid,
I am so pleased with my results ! To make it even better, just a few days ago I had a nurse (who knows a thing or two about ages and stages), mistake me for a 30 year old! How great is that!

When I came in for a Vi Peel and you simply asked “Is there anything else bothering you?” My response, “What doesn’t bother me!” Every feature on my face was showing signs of gravity. My eyes were droopy and hooded, I was starting to get baby jowls, my neck was sagging, my nose was too big, my boobs were saggy, I was growing back fat, my thighs rubbed, and my list continued and you listened.

As an avid marathon runner, I was actually in pretty good shape. But I didn’t feel my outside matched my inside. Most of the gals I run with in my track club are 20 years or more younger and I felt I was beginning to look like the odd one out. Also, I had been secretly obsessing about not aging as gracefully as my husband, for at least five years.

Okay, that all said, this next one is harder to share. After 25 years of marriage, I was felt my husband didn’t find me attractive anymore and I felt our lackluster relationship was validation that we were broken. Something was missing but after this journey with you, I believe what was missing was my confidence! I am not saying the make over is a relationship solution but it helped me. I was beginning to think it was my husband’s job to make me feel special or pretty but that wasn’t ever how our relationship worked. I see now that it was unrealistic to expect him to treat me differently just because I was needier. What you did for me is to help me was to help me feel better about myself and I say this with conviction…. confidence changes everything!

One of my larger fears was for others to know I was this vain so I told them I just had my eyes and nose done and that I had lost weight over the holidays! In other words, your work looked natural! I love my look and throughout it all, I appreciated your no nonsense and straight speaking approach. I think that comes from how many years you have been doing this. You are the best and what you did for me is priceless.

Thank you isn’t enough.


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