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Face Lift Surgery – Patient Experience
Dr. Kincaid – San Diego, Temecula, Inland Empire Plastic Surgeon

Over the years, Dr. Stuart Kincaid has consulted and treated numerous individuals seeking facelift surgery in San Diego, La Jolla, Temecula and Inland Empire. His unique combination of outstanding surgical skill, refined aesthetic judgment and compassionate patient care allows Dr. Kincaid to deliver remarkable facial rejuvenation results that look completely natural. If you would like to learn more about facelift surgery and the treatment approach of the renowned San Diego / La Jolla facelift surgeon, Dr. Stuart Kincaid, please explore the paragraphs below.

Before Face Lift Surgery in San Diego

As an experienced facelift surgeon, Dr. Kincaid recognizes thorough patient preparation is a major part of a successful face lift procedure. This is why he conducts comprehensive pre-surgical consultations, during which time he evaluates each patient's medical history, health concerns and any other factors that might influence the results of the surgery. Some of the more important issues he discusses with all of his facelift San Diego / La Jolla patients are medications and smoking.

Because certain medications and over-the-counter supplements can cause increased bleeding, it is important to stop taking them prior to facelift surgery. Dr. Kincaid carefully reviews each potential San Diego face lift patient's list of medications and supplements to determine which ones could interfere with the success of the surgery. Sometimes, patients need to see their primary care physicians to find out if it is safe to stop taking certain drugs for a period of time.

La Jolla / San Diego plastic surgery patients who smoke are strongly urged to quit this habit at least a month prior to their surgical procedures. This precaution is very important because smoking decreases blood flow to the face, which might result in poor would healing and tissue death following facial surgery. To promote speedy, safe recovery, face lift patients should not smoke for at least a month following their procedures.

During Face Lift Surgery

After administration of anesthesia, Dr. Kincaid creates several small incisions in front and behind the ears, as well as in the hairline. If a more comprehensive facial skin repositioning is necessary, he might also create a small incision just below the chin. Dr. Kincaid uses these incisions to skillfully rearrange facial skin, muscle and fatty tissues. Once this process is completed, he closes the incisions and wraps the patient's face in fluffy surgical dressings. Dr. Kincaid usually completes facelift surgery within one to two hours.

After Face Lift Surgery

After the surgery, most of Dr. Kincaid's San Diego / Temecula facelift patients return home under the care of a responsible adult. However, some individuals spend the night at the hospital in order to be carefully monitored for any signs of possible complications. While facelift patients experience swelling and bruising of the facial tissues, any discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter or prescription medications. Most of the swelling and bruising is gone within two weeks, while a complete recovery after facelift surgery typically occurs within two months. After this time, patients can resume all of their social activities while enjoying a more youthful facial appearance.

Consulting Dr. Stuart Kincaid – San Diego Facelift Specialist

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your face and have been dreaming about a more youthful, radiant image, please use our contact page to arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Kincaid. He will evaluate your health and facial characteristics to determine which facial rejuvenation procedures are the best for you

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