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Face Lift Surgery – the Recovery Process
Dr. S. Kincaid – San Diego, Inland Empire Plastic Surgeon

As a seasoned San Diego / Temecula facelift surgeon, Dr. Stuart Kincaid understands undergoing facelift surgery can be an anxious time for many patients. To ease his patients' apprehension and help them enjoy their aesthetic transformation experience, Dr. Kincaid takes the time to conduct thorough pre-surgical consultations with each and every patient. During this time, he thoroughly explains the facelift procedure, what to expect immediately after it, and the long-term results of face lift surgery. In addition, Dr. Kincaid provides detailed information about facelift surgery recovery in the paragraphs below.

After Facelift in San Diego / La Jolla

After facelift surgery, most patients experience a certain amount of swelling in the facial area. In addition, the facial skin appears bruised. In fact, during the first 24 – 48 hours after surgery, the face might look black-and-blue, which is normal and should not alarm facelift San Diego / La Jolla patients. Most of this bruising and swelling subsides within several days, with major improvement achieved within one to two weeks. Most patients do not experience major discomfort and/or pain during this time. However, those who wish to enhance their comfort level can take over-the-counter or prescription medications. Because certain drugs, such as aspirin, can interfere with proper wound healing, it is important take medication approved by Dr. Kincaid.

While the speed of recovery depends on each individual, most of Dr. Kincaid's face lift La Jolla / San Diego patients can wear makeup within four days after the surgery. The surgical stitches are usually removed four to seven days following facelift procedure. After two weeks have passed, most patients can resume light physical activities and feel comfortable enough to engage in some social activities. Dr. Kincaid strongly suggests that patients avoid direct sunlight and exposure to cigarette smoke for several weeks after their procedures. Exposure to sunlight should be limited even after the recovery is completed, as sun is one of the main factors contributing to premature facial aging.

What Will I Look Like After Face Lift Surgery?

The results of face lift surgery vary depending on the skin condition and the aesthetic desires of each individual. For example, some San Diego facelift patients desire a dramatic change in their appearance, which Dr. Kincaid can achieve by performing deep plane facelift in conjunction with neck lift, forehead lift and/or other facial rejuvenation procedures. For individuals desiring only a subtle facial rejuvenation, he offers Thread lift and other less invasive forms of facial rejuvenation. Because each individual has different expectations and desires, it is important to be completely honest and thorough with Dr. Kincaid when describing what you hope to achieve through a facelift surgery in San Diego.

Face Lift Surgery: Long-Term Considerations

Depending on the exact form of facelift surgery, the results of this procedure can last for 10 years or longer. In order to monitor his patients' progress, Dr. Kincaid offers periodic follow-up consultations, during which time he evaluates each San Diego / La Jolla face lift patient's skin condition and answers any questions he or she might have. In addition, during these appointments Dr. Kincaid explains various procedures that can enhance and extend the results of face lift surgery, such as facial injectables and/or laser skin rejuvenation.

Consulting Your San Diego Facelift Specialist

If you would like to find out which facelift techniques are most appropriate for you, please visit our contact page to arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Stuart Kincaid.

Dr. Stuart Kincaid has dedicated his surgical career to helping San Diego, La Jolla and Temecula patients enhance both their appearance and self-confidence. In addition to facelift surgery, he offers a range of other facial beautification treatments, including rhinoplasty in La Jolla / San Diego. Furthermore, as a highly regarded body contouring specialist, he regularly consults and treats San Diego, La Jolla and Temecula liposuction, SmartLipo and tummy tuck patients. He also has considerable experience helping breast implant and breast augmentation patients realize their aesthetic goals.

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