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Breast Augmentation and Inverted Nipple Repair Patient
" I am a 30 year old Thai woman married with two children. Since puberty I noticed my breasts were very small and my nipples had never popped out like other girls. For several years I had a desire to change the way my breasts looked..." Ora B. - Breast Augmentation and Inverted Nipple Repair, Read More

Military Wife - Plastic Surgery"Bravo-Zulu to Dr. Kincaid and his staff for a outstanding job and extraordinary service on my breast augmentation. I went in to Dr.Kincaid's office a little over 4 months ago confused, and discouraged after going to a few consultations with other surgeons, I had reached the end of my rope and came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to go through with my procedure"... Read More

Lebanese Plastic Surgery PatientActual Lebanese Patient from Riverside

We Welcome and Serve Many Out of Town Patients – Actual Patient from Las Vegas, Nevada


Juvederm Ultra / Ultra Plus XC Injectables

As a military capital and eighth-largest city in the United States, San Diego County is a melting pot of ethnicities. Men and women from all over the world find themselves in “America’s Finest City” and contribute to its unique culture. Dr. Kincaid has lived and worked in the area since 1988 and is proud to be able to provide a range of cosmetic surgical procedures, and laser and injectable procedures, to suit the plastic surgery needs of many different ethnic groups. As a top-ranked plastic surgeon, Dr. Kincaid understands that each ethnic group has distinct and individual physical characteristics, and he is committed to providing safe, exceptional and natural results that preserve these unique physical traits and help patients look and feel beautiful. Rather than take a cookie-cutter approach to surgery, Dr. Kincaid provides customized treatment to suit the needs of each patient and achieve his or her best image.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 3.2 million non-Caucasian patients underwent plastic surgery in 2010, a 243% increase from 2000. In fact, research shows that Asian, Hispanic and African-American patients account for nearly 25 percent of plastic surgery procedures performed each year. While those numbers may have little significance to the average person, for plastic surgeons, understanding the diversity of ethnic groups that are undergoing plastic surgery is essential to providing beautiful cosmetic results. Each ethnic group has its own skin type, physical features and proportions of the face and body. They can even be prone to different risks or complications, such as prominent scarring and discoloration. Dr. Kincaid prides himself on taking the time to understand these differences, so that he can help ethnic patients accomplish their aesthetic goals.

Facial Plastic Surgery for Various Ethnic Groups

One of the most delicate aspects of ethnic plastic surgery involves facial procedures. Each ethnic group has various facial characteristics and proportions that must be preserved in order to produce beautiful, natural-looking results. For example, African Americans, Asians and Hispanics who are undergoing rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery or any other facial plastic surgery have needs that differ from Caucasian patients. Choosing a plastic surgeon who understands the physical differences and is sensitive to these unique needs is paramount to receiving natural-looking results.

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Male Nose SurgeryThroughout his career as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Kincaid has worked with thousands of patients of varying ethnic groups in the United States and he has participated in volunteer reconstructive plastic surgery programs throughout Latin American and Asia. He prides himself on offering plastic surgery treatments that are tailored to meet the aesthetic needs and health concerns of these different ethnic groups. When you receive from Dr. Kincaid you can feel comfortable knowing that he will help you achieve your cosmetic goals and refined features without stripping you of your unique ethnic features and qualities. His ability to achieve balanced, beautiful, natural-looking results has attracted patients from all over Southern California and across the United States, from Latino plastic surgery patients to African Americans, from Persians and Filipinos to Korean, Jewish, Native American and Vietnamese patients.

To learn more about Latino, Chaldean, Filipino, Chinese, Middle Eastern, African American or Asian plastic surgery in San Diego, or to set up a consultation to discuss your procedure with a board certified plastic surgeon, contact us at the offices of Stuart B. Kincaid MD today. Call our San Diego/La Jolla office (858-450-4199) or our Temecula / Riverside County office ((800) 788-1416), or go online to

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