Plastic surgery blog:Teaching your body to de-stress

woman with migraine Plastic surgery blog:Teaching your body to de stressIn our culture of do it yourself remedies, it can be easy to discount teaching your body to de-stress. A recent news 10 article reviewed what it called very effective methods for de- stressing. The science behind guided biofeedback has to do with heart rate variability, or the variation in the beat-to-beat interval of your heart rate. Researchers have found a significant link between reduced heart rate variability and a decreased quality of life, including greater stress, pain and worry, and a host of other conditions.  There are several biofeedback devices on the market. StressEraser, emWave and MyCalmBeat were the three most mentioned by the psychologists in the article. Dr. Stuart Kincaid points out that allowing stress over a long period of time can cause significant changes in your appearance. Dr. Stuart Kincaid recommends regular medical grade skin care treatments not just for the health your skin but also as an excellent remedy for the effects of stress. Laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels also excellent options.For patients who want a stress free approach  to anti-aging ,that  is gradual Sculptra is an excellent solution.  As a featured physician of the Liquid Facelift Association Dr. Stuart Kincaid is an experienced Sculptra injector with impressive results.  Patients have the volume restored to their face growing their own collagen over time.  Patients should care for their body inside and out as the best defense against stress.


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