Plastic surgery blog:Is Beer in your diet?

woman drinking beer Plastic surgery blog:Is Beer in your diet?We can’t exactly call beer and all Americans pastime, but we do know that Americans love beer. Beer manufacturers have tried for years to protect their segment of the market that would like to believe that their beer is healthy and non-harmful to their diet. With the new push towards gluten-free diets the beer manufacturers were not to be undone. Beer labels popped up proclaiming that their beer was in fact gluten-free for those who cared. According to a recent post on in many cases this is more hype than reality. According to the article regular beer and even some brands of beer labeled “low-gluten” contain high levels of gluten and could cause problems for people with celiac disease, a new study says. People with celiac disease need to avoid gluten, a protein that triggers a reaction that damages the small intestine. Diarrhea, constipation, fatigue and abdominal pain are among the symptoms experienced by people with celiac disease when they consume foods and beverages with gluten. A gluten-free diet is the only way to relieve the symptoms of celiac disease. It is not a mystery that diet and intestinal problems can be not only devastating to one’s health but also to their figure. Dr. Stuart Kincaid reviews each patient’s health history including medical and digestive problems. Patients considering body contouring procedures because of dissatisfaction with abdominal contour must first be aware of the source of any digestive problems that may contribute to excess abdominal weight. Once the patient is considered healthy,  Dr. Stuart Kincaid may recommend liposuction as an option for improving the contour of the abdomen. Dr. Stuart Kincaid can perform liposuction on the front of the abdomen as well as the sides and lower back. This will help the patient to achieve optimal body contour and shape. If the patient has excessive loose and lax skin on the abdomen then an abdominoplasty may be needed to remove the excess skin. Dr. Stuart Kincaid will also tighten the abdominal muscle for the best overall aesthetic appearance. Patients must commit to proper diet and exercise to maintain the best overall long-term results


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