Plastic surgery blog:Food diaries; Is accountability really the key?

food scale Plastic surgery blog:Food diaries; Is accountability really the key?It seems as though every time you turn on the television or log onto the Internet there is a new method for succeeding on a diet plan. Most of the claims made for those who have successfully lost weight and kept it off come from some sort of food journal or diary being kept on a daily basis. Typically these are used to track food intake as well as calories. According to a recent Time magazine online article the author recants her tale of strenuous exercise at the gym in a boot camp class, and the fact that she still has not lost any weight. She admits that her boot camp leader recommended that she and the other participants keep a food diary; however, she admits it lasted only about one day. In the article she pledges to go back and try again and is moderately convinced that this will be the key to shedding her excess pounds. Dr. Stuart Kincaid has consulted with a multitude of patients who have been at various stages of the weight loss project in their life. Those who are able to lose weight and maintain a stable weight seek his help because they often have loose and lax skin on their abdomen, thighs, and arms. For these patients, Dr. Stuart Kincaid would typically recommend an abdominoplasty for the abdomen, a thigh lift for the thighs, and an arm lift or brachioplasty for the arms. Each one of these procedures is an invasive procedure and in most cases patients are advised to perform the procedures separately. Dr. Stuart Kincaid meets with each patient individually to help determine the best treatment plan for each patient while not compromising safety or results. Patients could never achieve the results Dr. Stuart Kincaid is able to achieve with surgery through diet and exercise alone.  Become a Fan on Facebook   Follow us on Twitter    More on Dr.Kincaid


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