Plastic Surgery Blog: UK Study Says Faulty PIP Breast Implants Are Not Life Threatening

breast implant devices4 Plastic Surgery Blog: UK Study Says Faulty PIP Breast Implants Are Not Life Threatening

The world was shocked late last year to learn that breast implant manufacturer PIP was responsible for selling faulty breast implants to other countries outside of the US. Many women became panicked and demanded the breast implants be removed due to possible future health risks. According to a recent local article approximately 47,000 British women are assumed to have been implanted with the PIP implants, which were filled with industrial, rather than medical-grade, silicon. The government retained Bruce Keogh, medical director of Britain’s National Health Service, to open up an investigation last December to determine what threat, if any, the breast implants posed to the woman’s health. Keogh analyzed the 240,000 implants of differing brands that have been implanted in 130,000 women in England and reviewed the data from differing countries including France and Australia. On Monday, he indicated that his studies showed the PIP implants were more likely to rupture when compared to other brands, but do not expose the patient to long-term health risk for the women who have them. He reported that repeated tests in several countries proved that the implants are not toxic. “Therefore we do not believe the breast implants are a threat to the long-term health of women who have PIP implants,” he said. “We have, however, found that these implants are substandard when compared to other implants and that they are more likely to rupture.” Dr. Stuart Kincaid empathizes to his patients that these specific faulty breast implants were not approved for use in the United States. Patients who traveled abroad for breast augmentation or breast lift with augmentation surgery could have been implanted with PIP implants. Currently Mentor Corporation an FDA approved manufacturer is offering a compassionate incentive to help women who have PIP implants to have them removed. Patients can receive a $250 American Express gift certificate when they have their PIP implants removed and Mentor breast implants implanted. The offer is good for either silicone or saline replacement. The controversial PIP implants will be a sore spot for plastic surgeons and patients for quite some time. Patient should remove PIP implants and replace with FDA approved breast implants. Dr. Stuart Kincaid offers a complimentary consultation to help patients determine the best options for exchanging the existing PIP implants for the FDA approved breast implants.

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