Plastic Surgery Blog: Study says Early Menopause Could be Tied to Osteoporosis

smiling older woman 300x285 Plastic Surgery Blog:  Study says Early Menopause Could be Tied to Osteoporosis As women approach menopause, it can have varying symptoms and effects. According to a recent SanDiegonewsstory a new study says that women who go through early menopause could have a greater risk for osteoporosis later in life. According to the article women who go through menopause early are almost two times as likely to have the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis in their later years, new research shows. Also, researchers from the Skane University Hospital in Malmo, Sweden, pointed out that these women are also at increased risk for fracture and a higher death rate. For the study, the researchers analyzed 390 white women from northern Europe in 1977. The women were 48 years old at that time, and they were divided into two groups: those who went through menopause before the age of 47; and those who started menopause at age 47 or after that time. The women were studied and followed for almost three decades. All of the women had their bone mineral density measured. The study found the women who had early menopause were at increased risk for fragility fracture, death, and osteoporosis. The early menopause group had a death rate of 52 percent, compared to 35 percent among the women who had late menopause. The measure of fractures was also 44 percent among the women who had early menopause in comparison with 31 percent for women who had late menopause. The report of a higher mortality rate in women with an early menopause must be further explored because other factors could affect mortality including medication, nutrition, smoking and alcohol consumption, say medical experts. Dr. StuartKincaid explains to his patients that perimenopause as well as menopause can cause significant hormonal changes that could affect a patient’s appearance. Women most commonly complain about added thickness to their lower abdomen, outer thighs, upper back, and lateral chest wall. These are all areas that can be treated effectively in most patients with liposuction. Dr. Stuart Kincaid targets the specific areas using the liposuctionsuctioning device as a sculpting tool. Patients are thrilled with the results as they are usually more  aesthetically pleasing than results patients can achieve through diet and exercise alone. Patient should also be aware of the loss of fat in their face that often accompanies menopausal hormonal changes. Dr. Stuart Kincaid will typically recommend injections of facial fillersto create a more youthful appearance. Dr. Stuart Kincaid is excited to also offer Sculptracosmetic as a solution for gradually restoring collagen to the areas on the face that appear to be affected by the signs of aging. Dr. Stuart Kincaid welcomes patients in a one-on-one consultation which allows the patient to prepare a viable anti-aging treatment plan with Dr. Stuart Kincaid.       Become a Fan on Facebook     Follow us on Twitter  More on Dr.Kincaid




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