Plastic Surgery Blog: Slow burn Exercise Most Effective

woman working out1 Plastic Surgery Blog: Slow burn Exercise Most EffectiveHow we exercise is critical to its effectiveness. According to a recentlocalarticle in the last decade, more research has proven that that low- to moderate-intensity resistance exercise performed to a marked level of fatigue can produce gains in muscle mass and strength even with those seen after traditional heavy-resistance training. As a result, a sort of “slow burn” exercise has become popular in the fitness community. When a resistive exercise is done very slowly and completed without rest for a minimum of 45 to 60 seconds, the continuing muscle contraction creates pressure on the blood vessels, stopping the blood flow and oxygen to the muscle. This creates a burning sensation in the muscle. When this happens, all types of muscle fibers are engaged, even fast-twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for strength. Which is why, even with lighter resistance, the muscle bulk can increase almost equally to that after conventional heavy-resistance exercises. Dr. StuartKincaid emphasizes to patientswho are fit and proactive about diet and exercise that plasticsurgery can have added benefits that cannot be achieved through diet and exercise. For example a woman who is unhappy with the size and shape of her breast cannot perform any particular exercise that will improve the size and shape of her breast. For these women, breast augmentation is an excellent option. For some patients Dr. Stuart Kincaid may recommend breastaugmentation using breastimplants to improve shape size and contour. Brother patients Dr. Stuart Kincaid may recommend a breastliftin combination with breast augmentation to improve a sagging component that may be present after weight loss or pregnancy. The overwhelming majority of patients who choose breast augmentation are extremely thrilled with their results and most are able to return to their regular exercise routine within a few weeks.     Become a Fan on Facebook      Follow us on Twitter   More on Dr.Kincaid




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