Plastic surgery blog: Re-operation rates higher for some breast surgeries

Breast Cancer6 Plastic surgery blog: Re operation rates higher for some breast surgeries

According to CBNC one in four women who have breast conserving surgery for cancer needs a second operation to remove accessory breast tissue according to a U S study that  also found the rates of re operation varied widely by surgeon. Researchers whose analysis appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association said the goal shouldn’t be to never do a duplicate surgery, which might cause surgeons to extract too much tissue or forgo operating again on women who might need it, but that high rates of re- operation could assume some of the surgeries may be superfluous. ” I don’ t think it’s so great to put a patient through an operation and 30 to40  percent of the time to say Hey guess what we to do this again. I just think that’s too high” said Laurence McCahill from the Lacks Center at Saint s Health Care in Grand Rapids Michigan who worked on the study.  Dr. Stuart Kincaid understands the fear that comes with a breast cancer diagnosis. As a board-certified plastic surgeon that performs both breast reconstruction as well as cosmetic breast augmentation he can clearly see the importance of breast health. It is important for patients who have undergone breast surgeries including breast lift, and breast reduction to be committed to regular breast self-exams every month. For patients who are 40 years of age and older the standard recommendation is an annual mammogram. Early detection for breast cancer remains the best form of defense for women as there is still no cure. The overwhelming majority of patients were diagnosed early are able to have the cancer treated, breast reconstruction if desired, and are able to enjoy a healthy life. Dr. Stuart Kincaid reiterates to his cosmetic surgery patients that breast health is important for all women regardless if their surgery was cosmetic or not.

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