Plastic Surgery Blog: Osteoporosis Can Strike Anyone at Any Age

osteoporosis Plastic Surgery Blog:  Osteoporosis Can Strike Anyone at Any Age Osteoporosis has been highlighted in the media thanks to pharmaceutical companies and celebrities encouraging mostly middle-aged women to begin taking preventative medications. According to recentonlinearticle osteoporosis is a danger to more than just middle-aged postmenopausal women, it could include men. According to the article, osteoporosis is a thinning of the bones that reduces the bone mass because of a depletion of calcium and bone protein. Basically, osteoporosis is a disease that makes a person’s bones weaker and more likely to fracture. Osteoporosis is sometimes referred to as a “silent disease” because it does not display any noticeable symptoms. Most people, men and women, are surprised to learn that they have weak bones, and usually only discover the fact when they experience a fracture, usually considered a fragility fracture. The diagnosis of osteoporosis in men often gets dismissed, patients should talk with their physician if they notice a decrease in height, difference in posture or the introduction of new and severe back pain. These symptoms could be because of a collapse of the vertebrae in the spine from weakness in the bone created by osteoporosis. Discuss your risk indicators and ask about a bone density test and other tests you may require helping predict your risk of osteoporosis. A bone density test could alert you about low bone density and if you should possibly pursue treatment with an osteoporosis medicine. Dr. StuartKincaid reminds both male and female patientsthat attention to overall health is one of the best investments patients can make. Good health also includes pursuing your best appearance. While women in general are proactive when it comes to maintaining their best appearance, men are beginning to understand the importance of looking as good as they feel. Dr. Stuart Kincaid offers popular male surgical procedures including gynecomastiaand male liposuction. These procedures can make a substantial difference in body contouring for men. Gynecomastia surgery contours the chest by removing excess breast tissue that can be embarrassing for many men. Liposuction for men is typically performed on the abdominal area including the front, love handles as well as lower back. Liposuction as a surgical sculpting procedure can help many men achieve a much more aesthetically pleasing contour than they could achieve through diet and exercise alone.


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