Plastic Surgery Blog: If You Want Large Breast Implants Your Plastic Surgeon Needs to Be an Expert

large breast implants Plastic Surgery Blog: If You Want Large Breast Implants Your Plastic Surgeon Needs to Be an ExpertPutting all opinions aside, there is a small segment of the population that likes the look of what would be considered extremely large breast implants. This is not to be confused with women who have naturally large breast with their own breast tissue. These women often have medical concerns including neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and groups in the shoulders from bra straps that are too tight. These women often need a breast reduction. Women who desire extra-large implants have many different reasons for their decision. Some are in the adult entertainment industry and have chosen larger implants for that reason. Others, have always liked the look at it is a personal preference. Whatever the reason, women need to be aware of complications that can arise solely as a result of the size of the implant. Dr. Stuart Kincaid is an expert in breast augmentation using extra-large implants. Although only a small segment of the population request these implants he is keenly aware of the complications the can arise and is able to help patients make the necessary efforts to avoid them. While no plastic surgeon can assure that there will not be complications the more training and expertise a plastic surgeon has the more likely he is to have less complications. Extra-large implants can increase the risk of what is known as capsular contracture. This is excessive hardening around the implant and can cause an unnatural feel, and in some patients, pain. Also, as an expert Dr. Stuart Kincaid is able to assure that the chest wall as the appropriate sizing and that the pocket created for the breast implant is appropriate and can accommodate the larger implant. Breast augmentation has its own risk of complications just like any other surgery. However, when extra-large implants are used it is a specialized surgery in patients will benefit greatly from the expertise of Dr. Stuart Kincaid.

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