Plastic Surgery Blog: A Facelift is a Better Investment Than Ever Before

smiling older woman1 300x285 Plastic Surgery Blog: A Facelift is a Better Investment Than Ever BeforeAs women and men enter the ever-growing population of baby boomers, fitness and healthy lifestyle have become a central part of being used to be known as a senior citizen. According to a recent   onlinearticle The oldest of the US 76 million baby boomers begin turning 70 in 2016. And if there’s a strong unique trait of boomers, it is the intense motivation to stay and appear comparatively young. The shifting demographics aren’t entirely a good thing. In many instances, science has simply prolonged the lives of people barely alive with chronic diseases. There are no comprehensively effective treatments for dementia, which becomes more likely as a person ages. One of the greatest problems may be cultural. Many people in their 70s reported that they feel marginalized by younger people, even when they’re in robust health. Dr. StuartKincaid encourages his older patientsto maintain a positive attitude along with their best appearance. There is no medical reason for patients who are older to forgo the option of cosmetic surgery. Many older adults choose to have facial rejuvenation procedures including facelift, browlift, and  eyelift. In order to be a good candidate for these procedures Dr. Stuart Kincaid will require them to be in excellent health prior to surgery. Dr. Stuart Kincaid may require the patient to have independent medical clearance prior to surgery. Dr. Stuart Kincaid is committed to excellent results as well as a healthy plasticsurgeryprocess. Dr. Stuart Kincaid helps patients understand that plastic surgery for older adults is an excellent option not only for self-esteem but also increased self-confidence.                                                Become a Fan on Facebook    Follow us on Twitter     More on Dr.Kincaid


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Member, The American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons
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