Plastic Surgery Blog: FDA Says Breast Cancer Drug Doesn’t Prolong Life

Breast Cancer Plastic Surgery Blog: FDA Says Breast Cancer Drug Doesnt Prolong Life

FDA Warns Breast Cancer Drug Is Ineffective

According to a recent local article the FDA is now declaring that a breast cancer drug they had approved is not effective. The Roche breast cancer drug failed to slow tumor growth or extend lives compared to chemotherapy alone. The drug also added more side effects including blood pressure changes, fatigue, and abnormal cells. The FDA can remove the drugs approval. The drug made 5.9 billion dollars last year in global sales. This report is very disappointing.

Breast cancer is a traumatic experience for a woman to go through. Dr. Kincaid offers reconstructive surgery to those who have fought their battle with cancer and desire to have their former shape back. Even for woman who haven’t gone through the pain of cancer a woman’s breast can also cause pain if they are too large for the patients body. Enlarged breasts contribute to back pain, numbness in the fingers, and indentations in the skin from bra straps that wear on the shoulders. Dr. Kincaid recommends patients undergo breast reductionsurgery to shrink the breast back to a flattering and painless shape. Less breastb tissue can also make it easier for patients to perform a breast self exam.


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