Plastic Surgery Blog: Detecting a heart attack may become easier

heart diesease2 Plastic Surgery Blog: Detecting a heart attack may become easierAccording to a recent online article heart attacks may soon be detected easier with a simple blood test. Each year, the American Heart Association estimates 1.5 million Americans have heart attacks; 785,000 are suffering their first heart attack, usually with no indication it was going to happen. “Slow tightening of the blood vessels over time can lead to chest pain, called angina, but these older plaques are less likely to rupture,” Dr. Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute in La Jolla, California says. A group of researchers now believe that they’ve found a way to assess which patients are a few days or weeks away from a heart attack. In the results published Wednesday, Topol and his colleagues discovered inconsistencies in the cells lining the surface of blood vessels, called endothelial cells, when the risk of a plaque rupture was high. When a heart attack was about to happen, more of the endothelial cells were circulating and they were misshapen. Topol says they anticipate having a simple blood test available next year to identify patients in eminent danger of plaque dislodging and creating a heart attack. Doctors would know in minutes if patients were about to have a heart attack. Heart disease is the number one killer of women. Women are who are considering plasticsurgery, especially those over the age of 40 should welcome the diligence of a plastic surgeon who insist on a clean bill of health prior to surgery. Dr. StuartKincaid as an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon is committed to following the standards of his society which were created to ensure patient safety and cosmetic plastic surgery. Since any M.D. can perform cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, it can be tempting for patients to consider non-board-certified plastic surgeons that may not require medical testing prior to surgery. This has become an issue most commonly for patients who are considering facialrejuvenationprocedures, including facelift, blepharoplasty, and browlift. In many cases patients are led to believe that as long as they are not having anesthesia they do not need to be cleared medically. This can be dangerous because oral sedation is used during these procedures and patients who may have underlying heart conditions can encounter complications during and after the procedure. Dr. Stuart Kincaid stresses to his patients that health and safety must be a top priority for both the patient and the doctor.    Become a Fan on Facebook    Follow us on Twitter    More on Dr.Kincaid


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