Plastic surgery blog: Cats can keep us healthy and reduce stress

Woman with cat Plastic surgery blog: Cats can keep us healthy and reduce stress

A cat can help reduce stress. Plastic surgery can erase the effects of stress

Our health should be  one of our  most important areas of  focus. A recent report on news channel 8 reported that a study showed a link between healthy stress free adults and cat ownership. The interaction and admiration according to the study appeared to be mutual.

Dr Stuart Kincaid a board certified plastic surgeon consults with his patients concerning ways to erase the signs of stress and aging from the face.  He lets them know that while he can treat the negative effects on the appearance  it is the patients responsibility to remove the stress from their lives.  Injectable fillers like Juvederm or Restylane can soften lines around the mouth and lips.  Botox helps to treat the lines on the forehead many of which are a direct result of  stress.  Dr Stuart Kincaid encourages patients to begin addressing signs of stress and aging surgically as soon as they begin to notice changes that can not be rectified with injectables or facial treatments. A facelift is not something patients should wait too long to have performed. When Dr Stuart Kincaid performs a facelift on a younger patient their results are better than an older patient because the skin has more elasticity. A facelift remains  one of the best values in plastic surgery. 


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