Plastic Surgery Blog: Avoiding Sun Exposure Still #1 for Wrinkle Prevention

wrinkled neck2 Plastic Surgery Blog:  Avoiding Sun Exposure Still #1 for Wrinkle PreventionWrinkles on a person’s face automatically equate to the image of an older person. According to recent San Diego local article avoiding sun exposure remains the most effective way to help prevent wrinkles and premature aging. According to the article when we view  a young girl’s skin it is markedly different from that of a middle-aged to older adult woman mostly due to long-term sun exposure and the natural aging process. Cumulative sun exposure over our lifetime adds up on our skin and can result in changes which include over tanned and leathery looking skin, with multiple lines, roughness, dryness, sagging, and precancerous skin lesions and skin cancers. Also, chronologically as we age the skin will become drier, rougher and ultimately wrinkled. There are tips for reducing the damage created by the sun and slowing down what is inevitable with chronological aging. According to the article some of these tips include minimizing sun exposure. Using a broad spectrum sunscreen daily that is at least an SPF 30 and have the ingredients avobenzone and/or mexoryl is imperative. Moisturizing the skin is a necessity especially for dry skin. This is for women of all ages. As women age using products that exfoliate the skin can damage the skin if appropriate moisturizer is not replaced. Using medical grade skin care products that include topical retinoids like Retin-A can reduce sun damage and help to build collagen. As patients age they should change their skin care regimen to match the characteristics of their aging skin for the best results. Dr. Stuart Kincaid offers effective solutions for sun damaged skin. Currently Dr. Stuart Kincaid has some of the most advanced lasers available. Patients treated with laser treatments including Sciton and IPL treatments often see amazing results in just one treatment. It is important for patients to maintain consistent skin care with medical grade products in order to enjoy the results long-term. Dr. Stuart Kincaid also recommends that patients consider noninvasive products like Botox and injectable fillers to improve the overall appearance of their face. Patients should also consider surgical options like blepharoplasty(eyelid lift) as an excellent option for a more youthful appearance.                                                Become a Fan on Facebook   Follow us on Twitter                 More on Dr.Kincaid



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