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South Korea plastic surgery: The “double jaw” surgery

May 27th, 2013

South Korea has recently come under fire for its extreme plastic surgery. We covered a recent story where Korean women were becoming so-called clones of beauty, but now, the country has made headlines again – this time, it’s for a controversial plastic surgery called a “double jaw” procedure.

According to news source The Raw Story, this newly heralded surgery has been all the rage as celebrities in the country are boasting their new look on TV, claiming the procedure had given them a “new life.”

The procedure involves realigning the upper and lower jaws, but not without cutting the bones that make up the jawline. It promises a slimmer jawline which has Korean men and women raving about the procedure since it can give women a smaller face with a V-shaped, finely-cut chin, while men can improve their jawlines and get rid of a double chin.

“This surgery alters your look far more dramatically than, say, Botox or a nose job because it changes your entire facial bone structure,” said Choi Jin-Young, a professor in dentistry at Seoul National University.

“But it’s a very complex, potentially dangerous surgery … it’s disturbing to see people with no real dental flaws daring to go through it just to have a small, pretty face,” Choi told AFP.

The cosmetic surgery treatment takes months to recover from and it can even damage nerves in the face leading to numbness or paralysis.

South Korea has the highest capita rate of plastic surgery among all other countries, and is known for offering some of the most radical procedures compared to other areas of the world.

As for double-jaw surgery, some doctors say it is still too risky a procedure.

“If we are seeing more complications, that’s largely because the sheer number of people getting the surgery has increased rapidly in such a short period of time,” said one Korean doctor.

“Yes, it was originally invented to correct a dental deformity, but you can’t blame someone for getting the surgery to look good, especially in a place like the South where beauty, especially for women, pretty much trumps it all,” the doctor said.


South Korea is not the only country that places emphasis on beauty. Here in the United States, we also value beauty. Fortunately, though, for the most part, we do not subject ourselves to highly dangerous and controversial surgeries. When plastic surgery is done with a board-certified plastic surgeon, your procedure is generally safe and recovery is quick.

But when it comes to the perfect chin – which is quickly gaining traction in America – is it even possible without radical surgery? The chin implant is actually quite safe, and can lead to more symmetry and balance to the face. A small incision is made, and the implant is inserted and/or affixed to the jaw to increase the chin area, adding shape and definition. A chin implant surgery in San Diego can also reduce or completely remove a double chin – safely.

For more information on chin implant surgery and to discuss the risks and benefits, call Dr. Kincaid at his centrally-located La Jolla office at 858-450-4199.


Plastic surgery is a bonding experience

May 26th, 2013

For many women, getting nails, hair and makeup done is all a part of being a girl – and bonding with other females. It makes sense, too – after all, most women love tapping into their feminine side with beauty makeovers and other pampering treatments.

Nowadays, though, women more than ever are turning to the positive effects of plastic surgery to improve the way they look and feel, but not only by themselves, but with sisters, mothers, cousins and even best friends. It’s become the ultimate female bonding experience, according to an article at the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

According to the report, two-thirds of all female patients are mothers 40 years and older. Most of these women requested facelifts and eyelid surgery to help draw back the hands of time. For non-invasive procedures, Botox and injectable fillers continue to be the top-ranked treatments to help improve the look of the face while shedding years off a woman’s appearance.

The AAFPRS reports a 16 percent increase in mother-daughter plastic surgery visits and a 12 percent increase in sister-sister plastic surgery visits – making plastic surgery a family event!

The most commonly performed procedures when two or more women are present include “facelifts, nose jobs, eyelid surgery, botulinum toxin A, fillers and microdermabrasion,” according to an article at SKININC.

“Many patients, especially women, like to multitask. To be able to have some bonding time with a friend or family member while at your facial plastic surgeons office is a growing trend,” said one plastic surgeon. “Women want to look and feel good about themselves and to do it together makes the experience even better.”


If you’re like many women, you may already be considering plastic surgery. Why not considering doing it with a family member? Not only can it be a bonding experience, but getting plastic surgery done with a family member can help ease your anxiety while giving you a supportive partner post-surgery.

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Plastic surgery and Facebook: Would you do it to look better on social media?

May 24th, 2013

Social media is one of the biggest innovations of our time. Now more than ever, people are turning to the internet to stay in touch with family members, read their news and follow their favorite celebrities all while maintaining their own Facebook pages to stay on top of their social circle.

So when it comes to social media, would you consider plastic surgery to look your best online?

According to a new article at TIME Healthline, men and women alike are considering plastic surgery – or at the least cosmetic enhancement via Botox or Restylane – to help improve their online image and they way they appear on social media.

A Berlin study said that scanning Facebook photos and pages can trigger negative feelings such as loneliness, enviness and even stress. According to a TODAY show, 42 percent of moms say they experience Pinterest stress and worry about being less creative than followers and friends.

TIME noted that 31 percent of plastic surgeons found a 31 percent uptick in plastic surgery requests according to a poll at AAFPRS due to social media alone.

“We live in a very visual world, and have come to expect that we will be ‘Googled’ or ‘Facebooked’ even before actually meeting someone socially or professionally,” said one of the survey participants.  “I see a lot of men and women who are executives or high profile so they are in the public eye. Their photos get taken all the time and they never know where they may end up. Between high definition television, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, how you look in photos and video clips has definitely become a driver for all cosmetic procedures from Botox to neck lifts.”

Breast augmentations remain the most popular kind of plastic surgery request. But nowadays, plastic surgeons are also seeing a rise in upper arm lifts, liposuction and mommy makeovers.

“Whether you think it is harmful or not, it is a trend and I don’t think we will see it slowing down anytime soon,” says Rizk. “There is the potential in some individuals with low self-esteem and psychological issues to fixate on certain features, such as a prominent nose or a weak chin or a heavy neck. When the concern about your appearance or specific features starts to border on obsession, that can be a red flag.”


The truth is that we all want to put our best face forward no matter if it’s for social media, our spouses or our friends.

If you are considering plastic surgery, you need to make sure it is for you. Thousands of patients have reported improved self-image and a greater sense of self after having undergone plastic surgery. To find out more on plastic surgery in San Diego, and to discuss your aesthetic needs, call Dr. Kincaid – an award-winning plastic surgeon – at  858-450-4199 and schedule your consultation today.


Summer beauty tips: Photorejuvenation and Portrait Skin Regeneration

May 20th, 2013

Now that summer is almost here with hot weather, beautiful sunshine and our famous San Diego beach breeze, it’s time to get out the bronzer, sun hats, bikinis – and sunscreen, of course!

According to ABC News, sunscreen is by far the very best beauty treatment you can own. That’s because sunscreen is an excellent way to prevent future fine lines and wrinkles – because, after all, who wants to have wrinkles that could have been prevented?

Rebekah George, beauty expert, told ABC News that smart sun care is one of the best ways to maintain beautiful summer skin all season long.

“Bump your SPF up from 15 to 30, and remember to reapply frequently, especially after taking a dip in the pool or the beach,” the article wrote. “In addition to a sunscreen, sun protection can also include hats and sunglasses. George says throwing on a hat when you’re out running errands can make a difference.”

What else is cool in the summer?

Some other summer trends to stay on top of include the use of bright colors and bold jewelry. Colors like yellow, hot coral and turquoise are all wonderful complements to a summer wardrobe. And for a beautiful, tanned look, reach for the bronzer and self-tanner. Don’t even think about heading to the tanning booths. In light of May’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month, you should know that skin cancer is the most prevalent kind of cancer in America. Why increase your chance needlessly when you can use some of the best products out there that guarantee a beautiful and natural tan without the sun?

Other ways to remove evidence of the sun

If you’re like many women out there, you may already be suffering the way of the sun with liver spots, fine lines and some deeper wrinkles. But don’t worry – you can get rid of the sun’s wrath with these beauty treatments.

Photorejuvenation. Considered a lighter version of laser therapy, photorejuvenation is one of the best ways to achieve smoother and rejuvenated skin.

Portrait Skin Regeneration. A totally new way to beat the sun at its game! Portrait Skin Regeneration is a wonderful way to achieve beautiful skin while counteracting the effects of the sun. This treatment rejuvenates the facial area, removing skin discoloration in the process.

For more information on these procedures, call our Temecula office at  951-695-9934 or in San Diego at 858-450-4199. Schedule your consultation today!

Pole Dancing Like You Have Never Seen Before

May 19th, 2013

If you’re like most women, you want to achieve a svelte figure not just for yourself – but to look and feel your very best. After all, as most women can attest, grabbing your favorite jeans and having them feel too tight is one of the worst feelings in the world!

So what kind of women are the ideal version of “fit”? Well, according to Forbidden Knowledge TV, one of the fittest and svelte women are none other than pole dancers – that’s right, the women who know how to canoodle the pole at gentleman clubs.

Watch the incredible video here and see why pole dancers are some of the most trim-n-fit ladies out there.

Why Are Pole Dancers So Fit?

It goes without saying that pole dancers are trim because of the intense exercises they perform on the pole. Between leg lifts, ab and core workouts, and amazing arm holds, these pole dancers are super muscular without looking too built or masculine. It’s just pure femininity.

So, what does Dr. Kincaid have to say about these dancers?

There is no excess fat or obesity in pole dancers!

Exercise is good for all of us and helps keeps us slim and trim!

Plus frequent and regular exercise is the single most important anti-aging regime there is!

And, he’s right! At the end of the day, frequent activity is one of the best ways to look and feel great without excess pounds that can weigh you down – both emotionally and physically.

Can’t Lose the Pounds?

If you’re having a hard time dropping extra pounds, liposuction in San Diego may be an option for you. Liposuction is an especially useful procedure for stubborn fat in the lovehandle, buttock or saddlebag area – parts of the body that can be resistant to exercise and proper eating.

To talk to Dr. Kincaid about liposuction, and to see if you’re a good candidate for this very effective procedure, call our La Jolla office at  858-450-4199.


Christy Turlington talks plastic surgery

May 18th, 2013

If there ever was a model so defining of the 1990s, it was Christy Turlington. The household name renders up thoughts of perfect lips, unique facial lines and a pin-thin, doll-like nose.

Many have wondered at the possibility of Christy Turlington having undergone some kind of plastic surgery, but she tells USA Today that she hasn’t done it but would possibly consider it for her neck – an area of the face that many women find aging very apparent.

“I don’t know, I feel like it’s getting freakier,” she tells the magazine. “Maybe there will be a time when you’re an oddball because you’re the only one left. I’d rather be the only one, the sole survivor. And in that case? I’ll just wear turtlenecks all year-round.”

Most likely, the supermodel won’t undergo the knife, although it’s a possibility. Lucky for Christy Turlington, she has beautiful genes to help outwit aging.

“That’s a girl’s life for the rest of her days — somewhere between a lollipop and shots.”

But cosmetic surgery really isn’t as grim – it’s incredibly accessible and affordable no matter what kind of procedure you need. Plus, with a wide array of financing, you can achieve the beautiful, youthful look you want without having to break the so-called bank.

As for Turlington’s approach to aging, she is endlessly charming.

‘When you smile, you look like you’re 16.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah — and then there’s my neck.’ ”


For women who can relate to Turlington’s dilemma, you don’t have to subject yourself to wearing turtlenecks the rest of your life. In fact, you can have the youthful neck you want without it looking obvious, younger than your face, or awkwardly tight. It can look completely natural with the right plastic surgeon in San Diego.

Here are some options for women with sagging necks:

Laser Therapy. The most innovative ways to rejuvenate the skin’s surface is through laser therapy. Using intense pulses of light, the skin’s collagen can tighten beautifully with deep, beautiful heat that can truly transform your skin. It is the perfect option for a sagging neck.

Neck lift. What a wonderful way to completely rejuvenate your neck area! A neck lift is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to completely improving the neck area. For issues of sagging or excess deposits of fat, a neck lift is the ideal choice because it helps refashion the skin area while leading to a tighter look when recovery is complete.

For more information on either of these procedures, call Dr. Kincaid at his San Diego office at 858-450-4199 – located conveniently in the beautiful La Jolla, California.

PIP breast implants may cause damage to unborn babies, study says

May 13th, 2013

When it comes to plastic surgery, it’s important to stay on top of health developments to avoid potential harm if anything should go awry. But, women should be reassured that most of the time, plastic surgery is safe. While some recovery time is expected, the procedure itself and any implants are generally considered to be widely accepted and safe according to the FDA. But despite the safety of plastic surgery, every so often a medical update makes headlines. This time, PIP breast implants are on line.

According to multiple news sources, scientists believe that PIP breast implants could cause harm to an unborn baby due to a chemical found in the implant.

The findings are contrary to an earlier report at the NHS who reassured women that PIP implants were actually safe.

The actual chemical, octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane, was brought to light because of its unusually high hormonal effect it had on unborn babies.

“Considering these known risks and the fact that most women receiving breast implants were of reproductive age, we would expect the MHRA and the Department of Health to fulfill its duty of care and thoroughly investigate these risks as well as provide full information to patients,” the organization warned.

The findings were recently published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine – a British organization. The Department of Health disputed the findings and said women should not worry of any reproductive harm the implants could pose.

American women should note that PIP breast implants are most common in Britain.

“We stand by the conclusions of the original report and want to reassure women that PIP implants do not pose a significantly increased risk to health. The well-being of women who have had PIP breast implants has always been our main priority,” the British Department of Health said in a statement.


If you have PIP breast implants, you may be a good candidate for revision surgery if the suspected reproductive harm is concerning for you. Other times, a breast implant surgery is also done incorrectly, regardless of what kind of implant is done.

For more information on PIP breast implant revisions, call Dr. Kincaid at his centrally-located La Jolla office at 858-450-4199 and schedule your consultation today.


Lipsticks: Are they safe for our lips?

May 11th, 2013

Since the dawn of time, women have worn lipstick to make their lips fuller, redder, and all around more beautiful. We have adorned our lips with the most luxurious formulas, ranging from 24 carat gold-infused lipstick or $40 lip glosses all in the name of beauty – but a new report at the Huffington Post says that lip products may not be something to smile about.

That’s because many lipstick products are chock full of toxic metals and ingredients that, quite simply, should not be anywhere near our lip products. For years, lipsticks have made headlines for toxic metals like lead – a powerful neurotoxin – can be found commonly in lip products since it comprises the actual color component of the lipstick. According to the Huffington Post, back in 2007 when lead in lipsticks began making headway, a leading research group found that 60 percent of the most popular brands of lipsticks contained lead – not only trace amounts, but significant amounts up to 0.65 parts per million.

Lipstick is covered by the FDA – the same government agency that regulates popular cosmetic products like Botox, Restylane and other fillers. And by “covered,” the FDA simply oversees the making of lipstick, not the actual inspection or regulation of the product.

“While there is an expectation that manufacturers sell products that are safe when used as intended, the FDA cannot require manufacturers to do premarket testing to ensure their safety,” the article cited.
“Nor can the FDA carry out its own premarket testing.”

But the FDA took action after the study in 2007 came to light. It conducted its own study and found that most lipsticks contained 1.11 parts per million of lead on average. Despite the findings, the FDA concluded that the amounts of lead found in lipsticks were still acceptable for consumer use.

Consumers were still not satisfied. University of California, Berkeley, and colleagues tested lipsticks again, more than five years after the study. Researchers wanted to know how lipsticks fared in terms of other toxic chemicals like aluminum, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, copper, manganese, nickel, and titanium. They found that all of the products tested – 32 lip products – contained some combination of the metals.


Here’s the final thought on lipstick – most researchers and government bodies agree that lipstick should not pose a threat to your health when worn regularly. If lipstick is particularly concerning, you should think about alternative ways to make your lips stand out including Restylane, Juvederm or other filler injections that can plump the lips or remove wrinkles from around the lip area.

For more information on how to enhance your lips with the best, highly-regulated cosmetic treatments, call Dr. Kincaid at his Temecula office at 951-695-9934 or in San Diego at 858-450-4199.


The latest in wrinkle reduction: “Frotox”

May 10th, 2013

Women who have been hesitant to Botox may have something to celebrate now that a new product in wrinkle reduction is due to hit the market as early as next year. “Frotox” – a pending treatment that aims to freeze nerves as opposed to paralyzing them – is making headlines for the next best thing in beauty treatments.

Iovera is a toxin-free wrinkle treatment, but ladies who are eager to try the new product will have to wait at least one year – this beauty innovation is approved in Europe only. It works by giving so-called “cold shots” to nerves that control muscular movement in the face, temporarily freezing those muscles for smoother, younger looking skin for up to 4 months.

It’s called “focused cold therapy” and works with a totally new ingredient: liquid nitrous oxide. As the special formulation travels down an especially thin needle, it changes into a gaseous form as soon as it exits the instrument and into the muscle. It then produces a very precise area of cold – so cold, it essentially freezes the nerves within the muscle tissue. The effect is an all-around, smoother looking face that lasts wrinkle-free for up to 4 months.

Women who have been hesitant to use Botox can look forward to an alternative when it comes to keeping the face younger-looking and wrinkle-free.

“Iovera is the world’s first toxin-free anti-wrinkle treatment,” said one UK-based plastic surgeon. “It’s a unique stand-alone treatment in its own right and shouldn’t be compared side-by-side with Botox or any botulinum toxins. Instead, we should think of it as an additional option available to people, especially those who do not want botulinum toxin injections or cannot have them due to medical reasons.”


Women who are hesitant to use Botox for whatever reason don’t have to wait until next year for Iovera. You can start enjoying wrinkle-free skin right now with these Botox alternatives:

Chemical peel. A chemical peel is an excellent way to achieve smoother-looking skin with lesser recovery time compared to other plastic surgery treatments. A chemical peel works by deeply sloughing off dead skin to reveal a smoother, younger layer.

Laser therapy. Another great alternative to Botox is laser therapy. This process uses pulsed light to refine the skin’s surface. It helps to stimulate collagen production for permanently tighter looking skin.

Restylane. Sometimes women don’t need Botox – it’s simply of adding volume as opposed to reducing wrinkles. Restylane is a filler – different than Botox which simply relaxes muscles. Instead, Restylane provides the much needed volume a face needs to appear younger. Used in the cheeks, chin, nasolabial folds and other areas of the face, Restylane is an ideal choice for a youthful look.

For more information on these procedures, call our centrally-located office in La Jolla at 858-450-4199 and schedule your consultation today.

Gwenyth Paltrow, world’s most beautiful woman, talks about Botox

May 6th, 2013

The reigning Gwenyth Paltrow, who was recently crowed the world’s most beautiful woman, recently talked to Harper Bazaar magazine about her experience with Botox. While it’s true that Botox usually appeals to most women, Ms. Paltrow said the procedure just wasn’t for her.

“I’ve probably tried everything,” she told the mag. “I would be scared to go under the knife, but you know, talk to me when I’m 50. I’ll try anything. Except I won’t do Botox again, because I looked crazy. I looked like Joan Rivers!”

The truth is that Botox needs to be applied conservatively for most women to achieve the look that is natural and beautiful. If too much Botox is administered, women can quickly look unnatural.

Undoubtedly, Gwenyth Paltrow is undeniably gorgeous Botox or without! It’s also a good idea to note that Botox is not always the solution. Sometimes Restylane, Juvederm or even chemical peels are the correct answer to aging concerns. Sometimes, Botox should be held off for these procedures instead. It’s a good idea to talk to a plastic surgeon in San Diego to understand what products are best for the desired look. Remember, Botox isn’t always the answer – sometimes, injectables are the best way to get that youthful look!

Paltrow isn’t the only celeb to shun Botox. Nicole Kidman recently said Botox was not the right anti-aging treatment for her.

“I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again.”

Paltrow’s mother on the other hand, found Botox to be the idea solution to her aging concerns.

“Well, I think we’ve all fooled around with [Botox],” Blythe Danner said in 2010. “I won’t go into detail, but we all need a little help from our friends!”


It’s so important for women to understand that Botox isn’t the end-all solution to removing fine lines and wrinkles. Sometimes, there are other remedies like laser treatments, chemical peels or fillers like Restylane and Juvederm that offer the youthful look you desire.

When it comes to understanding personal beauty, talk to a plastic surgeon in San Diego. Call our Dr. Kincaid, an award-winning plastic surgeon in San Diego, at  858-450-4199 and schedule a consultation today.

Remember, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all definition of beauty. There are many options available to achieve the look you desire. Talk to a plastic surgeon that understands that – give us a call today.