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The latest in wrinkle reduction: “Frotox”

May 10th, 2013

Women who have been hesitant to Botox may have something to celebrate now that a new product in wrinkle reduction is due to hit the market as early as next year. “Frotox” – a pending treatment that aims to freeze nerves as opposed to paralyzing them – is making headlines for the next best thing in beauty treatments.

Iovera is a toxin-free wrinkle treatment, but ladies who are eager to try the new product will have to wait at least one year – this beauty innovation is approved in Europe only. It works by giving so-called “cold shots” to nerves that control muscular movement in the face, temporarily freezing those muscles for smoother, younger looking skin for up to 4 months.

It’s called “focused cold therapy” and works with a totally new ingredient: liquid nitrous oxide. As the special formulation travels down an especially thin needle, it changes into a gaseous form as soon as it exits the instrument and into the muscle. It then produces a very precise area of cold – so cold, it essentially freezes the nerves within the muscle tissue. The effect is an all-around, smoother looking face that lasts wrinkle-free for up to 4 months.

Women who have been hesitant to use Botox can look forward to an alternative when it comes to keeping the face younger-looking and wrinkle-free.

“Iovera is the world’s first toxin-free anti-wrinkle treatment,” said one UK-based plastic surgeon. “It’s a unique stand-alone treatment in its own right and shouldn’t be compared side-by-side with Botox or any botulinum toxins. Instead, we should think of it as an additional option available to people, especially those who do not want botulinum toxin injections or cannot have them due to medical reasons.”


Women who are hesitant to use Botox for whatever reason don’t have to wait until next year for Iovera. You can start enjoying wrinkle-free skin right now with these Botox alternatives:

Chemical peel. A chemical peel is an excellent way to achieve smoother-looking skin with lesser recovery time compared to other plastic surgery treatments. A chemical peel works by deeply sloughing off dead skin to reveal a smoother, younger layer.

Laser therapy. Another great alternative to Botox is laser therapy. This process uses pulsed light to refine the skin’s surface. It helps to stimulate collagen production for permanently tighter looking skin.

Restylane. Sometimes women don’t need Botox – it’s simply of adding volume as opposed to reducing wrinkles. Restylane is a filler – different than Botox which simply relaxes muscles. Instead, Restylane provides the much needed volume a face needs to appear younger. Used in the cheeks, chin, nasolabial folds and other areas of the face, Restylane is an ideal choice for a youthful look.

For more information on these procedures, call our centrally-located office in La Jolla at 858-450-4199 and schedule your consultation today.

Gwenyth Paltrow, world’s most beautiful woman, talks about Botox

May 6th, 2013

The reigning Gwenyth Paltrow, who was recently crowed the world’s most beautiful woman, recently talked to Harper Bazaar magazine about her experience with Botox. While it’s true that Botox usually appeals to most women, Ms. Paltrow said the procedure just wasn’t for her.

“I’ve probably tried everything,” she told the mag. “I would be scared to go under the knife, but you know, talk to me when I’m 50. I’ll try anything. Except I won’t do Botox again, because I looked crazy. I looked like Joan Rivers!”

The truth is that Botox needs to be applied conservatively for most women to achieve the look that is natural and beautiful. If too much Botox is administered, women can quickly look unnatural.

Undoubtedly, Gwenyth Paltrow is undeniably gorgeous Botox or without! It’s also a good idea to note that Botox is not always the solution. Sometimes Restylane, Juvederm or even chemical peels are the correct answer to aging concerns. Sometimes, Botox should be held off for these procedures instead. It’s a good idea to talk to a plastic surgeon in San Diego to understand what products are best for the desired look. Remember, Botox isn’t always the answer – sometimes, injectables are the best way to get that youthful look!

Paltrow isn’t the only celeb to shun Botox. Nicole Kidman recently said Botox was not the right anti-aging treatment for her.

“I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again.”

Paltrow’s mother on the other hand, found Botox to be the idea solution to her aging concerns.

“Well, I think we’ve all fooled around with [Botox],” Blythe Danner said in 2010. “I won’t go into detail, but we all need a little help from our friends!”


It’s so important for women to understand that Botox isn’t the end-all solution to removing fine lines and wrinkles. Sometimes, there are other remedies like laser treatments, chemical peels or fillers like Restylane and Juvederm that offer the youthful look you desire.

When it comes to understanding personal beauty, talk to a plastic surgeon in San Diego. Call our Dr. Kincaid, an award-winning plastic surgeon in San Diego, at  858-450-4199 and schedule a consultation today.

Remember, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all definition of beauty. There are many options available to achieve the look you desire. Talk to a plastic surgeon that understands that – give us a call today.

The new face of plastic surgery in Los Angeles

May 4th, 2013

It used to be that plastic surgery could be called out from a mile away. Between overly large, round breasts, pulled faces and huge, plumped lips, the look of plastic surgery used to be one that was completely obvious. But not anymore.

According to a new report at LA Magazine, plastic surgery is not only beautiful, but natural-looking and highly effective at helping us look our very best.

“We all have fine lines. There are the parentheses bracketing our mouths, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup crinkles deepening between the eyes, the Saturn rings encircling the neck. But the finest line is the one we draw in the sand,” said author Nancy Miller at LAMag.com. “It’s the one that defines what we’re willing to do—and what we’re not—to look (and stay) attractive, whether it’s prolonging our youth or enhancing our bodies.”

There was a time that plastic surgery was not only expensive but took months to recover from, leading men and women away from the positive effects that it could have on the face and body. Nowadays, it surprises many to learn that plastic surgery can be an affordable option for individuals who want to improve their look while healing with minimal downtime.

“Plastic surgery is at a turning point. The term has become shorthand for any artificial modification to the face and body, and in fact includes a spectrum of scalpel-free cosmetic procedures that has changed the meaning of ‘having work done,’” said Miller. “Cheaper treatments and improved results have increased the gravitational pull for the masses.”


If you’ve always wanted bigger and firmer breasts or liposuction for the thigh and buttock areas, but always believed it was too expensive or time consuming in terms of recovery, you may be surprised to learn that these plastic surgery procedures are actually more affordable than you think with quicker recovery times.

For facial improvement, you may want to consider Botox or Restylane to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is an excellent choice for forehead creases while Restylane can be used for the nasolabial folds (creases around mouth) and a more defined lip (without the overly puffed-up lip look).

For more information on natural looking plastic surgery in San Diego, call Dr. Kincaid, an award-winning plastic surgeon in La Jolla, at  858-450-4199 and schedule your consultation today.


Cleopatra eyes: The legacy of Elizabeth Taylor

April 30th, 2013

No other actress left quite a legacy behind like Elizabeth Taylor. Her beauty, her trademark eyes and a jewelry collection that could make any girl swoon were just some of the ways Taylor left her treasured memories behind.

As Huffington Post writes, Elizabeth Taylor was a force to be reckoned with from all other actresses of her time – and arguably today. Her classic Americana look was one that has been replicated years over and one that will last for years to come.

According to the news source, Taylor went on to achieve her own kind of metamorphosis – an emerging from the proverbial cocoon. Lowered necklines and so-called raised eyebrows lent a more adult version of Taylor – a matured version of sex appeal that only she could replicate. The legacy had just begun.

Years later, she would film the epic “Cleopatra” movie which captured audiences then and now. On set, Taylor fell in love with Richard Burton and cemented her iconic style – classic glamour paired with makeup trends of the sixties: cat eye liner and pastel eyeshadow.

As for all that jewelry, the actress chalked it up to fate.

“My mother says I didn’t open my eyes for eight days after I was born, but when I did, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring,” she says. “I was hooked.”

“I think the only course of action we have is to spread the gospel of the amazing icon, Elizabeth Taylor,” said Huffington Post writer Brie Dyas.


To live on the legacy of Elizabeth Taylor, here’s what you can do to get the glamorous look.


To channel the Cleopatra goddess in you, make sure to apply a thick coat of black liner in a cat eye fashion. Starting in the middle of the lid, start with air-like strokes to the outer edge of the eye. Continue upward, gradually making the line darker and more defined. It’s usually easier to make a cat eye with pencil liner, but brave gals can turn to liquid liner for the ultimate effect.

The CLEOPATRA look personifies beautifully-arched, elevated eyebrows and well-defined upper and lower eyelids with the corners of the eyes tilted upward which put all together makes for gorgeous eyes. Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Tuck) and Browlift (Forehead Lift) can help you achieve a more defined eye look. With age, our eyes naturally sag. To bring out the beauty in your eyes, talk to Dr. Kincaid, plastic surgeon in San Diego, to find out if you’re a good candidate for plastic surgery. Call our office at 858-450-4199 to find out more about eyelid tuck and browlift surgery.


Nothing says instant glam like a full head of hair. To make the most of your locks, use a volumizing shampoo and skip the conditioner. If you must use it, be sure to apply on ends only. Then, blow dry your hair upside down for 2 minutes. Flip, then continue blow drying your hair with a large round brush, pulling the roots up and out as you continue to dry. Set with a natural-looking hair spray.


Elizabeth Taylor didn’t name her perfume “White Diamonds” for nothing. Go all out and wear diamonds! Simple, large diamond or faux-diamond earring studs can pull this look together for a totally glamorous, beautiful look.

Korean beauty contestants make headlines for eerily similar look as a result of so-called plastic surgery

April 28th, 2013

When it comes to plastic surgery, the last thing anyone wants is a completely cookie cutter look. Not only is individuality embraced in the American culture, but it is also encouraged even in the face of cosmetic improvement. But not all cultures are the same.

In South Korea, one of the areas of the world with the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita, a certain look is most always desired. Between larger eyes and a more defined bridge of the nose, many women in Korea aim for a very specific appearance. A recent beauty pageant shows just how dramatic the similarities have become in what Koreans consider beautiful.

The so-called “clone parade” was reported on at Gawker.com as news of it first launched on social media site, Reddit.

“You aren’t racist,” one local wrote in a Reddit post on the topic. “Those women in fact do look unnervingly similar and yes, Koreans think so too. This is because they all get the exact same plastic surgeries and the surgeons follow the same formulas for noses and eyes and everything else theyve had done.”

“Girls here consider eye surgery just like using make up,” another Korean Redditor said according to the news source.

The truth is that a similarly cultured look isn’t much different here in the United States either.

“Even in a country as diverse as the US you’ll see a lot of similar looking women in these pageants because there’s a certain aesthetic they’re looking for (styled or shopped) that changes with what’s considered attractive to that particular culture at that point in time,” wrote user adlauren.

A clarification was made on another site called Kotaku where distinction was made between the contestants. It was suspected that pictures could have been photoshopped to achieve the uniform look. For more info on that story, click here.


Can plastic surgery be unique? It should be – and if your plastic surgeon says otherwise, you should probably shop for another plastic surgeon. That’s because individuality should be embraced and improved – not eliminated completely.

The well-established and respected cosmetic plastic surgery practice of Dr. Stuart Kincaid takes a different approach!

Rather than trying to make each patient look the same as a “clone,” the practice of Dr. Kincaid takes a much more personalized approach, carefully listening to the concerns and needs of each unique patient taking into account their ethnicity, age, gender unique desires then coming up with a unique, customized and most cost effective plastic surgery treatment plan tailored for each patient.

For more information on plastic surgery in La Jolla, call us for a consultation at  858-450-4199.

Women urged to use board-certified plastic surgeon for butt lifts and buttock implants

April 27th, 2013

A story reported at the publication, Inside Costa Rica, reminds all San Diegans to play it safe when it comes to getting a buttock lift or implant. That’s because one woman has tragically died due to illegal buttock implants performed by way of injections.

The woman, reportedly from Costa Rica, is the second known cause of such death. We blogged earlier about a series of illegal buttock implant surgeries in Florida last year, with one resulting in the woman’s unfortunate death.

According to reports, the woman, 33, received a series of questionable injections in the buttock area at an illegal cosmetic enhancement office out of San Jose, Costa Rica.

The woman, who was admitted to San Juan de Dios Hospital, later died after a serious infection overtook her body. Even though she had been receiving daily treatment to overcome the infection, the woman was unable to fight off the bacterial contagion. Unfortunately, the woman deteriorated quickly despite medical care and died Tuesday.

Although the details of this specific case is currently unknown, most illegal butt injections involve the administration of industrial-grade silicone. It is possible the infection could have been a result of the very same application of silicone.


If you are consider buttock implants in San Diego, you are urged to use a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience in safely and beautifully lifting the buttock area. Alternatively, you can consider these butt-lifting and beautifying treatments to avoid the complications associated with having an implant in the buttock area.

Liposuction. Sometimes all the rear end needs to look a little more flattering is some shaping with liposuction. Lipo in San Diego is especially beneficial for saddlebags that can distort the way the rear end looks.

Thigh Lift. Here’s another great option for your buttocks. A thigh lift is an excellent option for women who want to sculpt the thigh area without having to commit to an actual buttock implant.

For more information on either of these buttock implant alternatives, call Dr. Kincaid, an award-winning, board -ertified plastic surgeon in San Diego at 858-450-4199 and schedule your consultation today.


Men finally admit: “I’d like my wife to get plastic surgery”

April 22nd, 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so when it comes to personal appearance, we all have our different likes and dislikes. But despite preferences like hair or eye color, one thing is for certain: most men prefer their partner to look feminine and beautiful – at least that’s what a new survey published at The Inquisitr says.

According to the news source, one UK-based website asked all the questions women have wanted to know since the dawn of time: are my breasts large enough? What about my saddlebags and tummy?

Turns out, a lot of men want those areas perfected, whether it’s by breast augmentation surgery or liposuction. According to the survey, nearly a quarter of all 1,248 men who participated in the survey said they secretly hoped their partner would undergo plastic surgery to improve their appearance.

When asked, “What surgical enhancement do you think would improve your partner’s looks the most?” most men said they preferred their partner to consider liposuction by 57 percent. Next, the ever-popular breast augmentation came in at 49 percent. Corrective dental surgery was the third most popular response coming in at 42 percent.

Of the men who answered yes, only 12 percent would actually admit it to their partner. Even more surprisingly, the majority of those who wouldn’t admit to it said they wouldn’t bring it up because, despite surgery, it wouldn’t be enough to improve their overall look.

In the United States, over 20,000 liposuctions were completed in 2012 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Liposuction is the fourth-most popular plastic surgery treatment in America.

What’s the number one procedure here in the United States?

Breast augmentation with over 286,000 procedures completed in 2012.

If you are like many women (and men for that matter), you may have considered breast augmentation surgery and liposuction – or both – at some point in your life. Whether you considered plastic surgery after having had a baby or if it has been something you’ve always wanted to do, now is the time to discuss cosmetic enhancement with your plastic surgeon in San Diego.

Dr. Kincaid, an award-winning plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation and liposuction, is skilled at giving women the natural look they desire while improving the aesthetics of their body. For more information on either of these procedures, call our La Jolla office today at  858-450-4199 and schedule your consultation.

Plastic surgery trends for men

April 21st, 2013

Plastic surgery is no longer stigmatized in American culture. In fact, we see so many reports of cosmetic enhancements like breast augmentation and facelifts on the covers of magazines that we are no longer shocked by someone wanting to improve their image. When it comes to men’s plastic surgery in Temecula, the shock value is not there – making men across the Inland Empire more comfortable in improving the way they look.

These days, men’s plastic surgery is all about looking natural and handsome without the look of being ‘done.’ Some of the most popular procedures for men include liposuction, and many times for the face – a new trend that is all the rage when it comes to looking well rested and younger.

“If you work hard and play hard, it’s impossible to keep your neck as tight as you want,” said one male patient according to a report at FOX news. “I was already busting my butt working out four days a week, but nothing was happening there, so I figured why not?”

Now more than ever, men are looking for a handsome look, and plastic surgeons in Temecula are well equipped to help them achieve that very ideal.

“There’s less of a desire now for a conventionally beautiful white-bread face,” said one plastic surgeon in Southern California according to the report.  “People are embracing strong features like ethnic, non-traditional noses.”

One of the ways men are accommodating a larger nose is through chin implant surgery in Temecula. A strong chin has become a commonplace plastic surgery practice when it comes to balancing the face, especially one with a prominent nose. In fact, the ever-popular chin implant surgery as increased 71 percent according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Of course, some men opt for rhinoplasty outright when the nose needs more dramatic shaping.

“I did a rhinoplasty and a chin implant on a famous actor who had a monster nose and no chin. We left a bit of a bump in the nose, so it still looked like his, just a better version,” said one plastic surgeon of a recent male surgery. “No one, including the producer on his next project, noticed he’d had a nose job.”


If you are interested in any learning more about how plastic surgery can help you achieve a younger look, or whether plastic surgery is a good option in balancing your face, call Dr. Kincaid at his centrally-located Temecula office at 951-695-9934 and schedule a consultation today.

When it comes to men’s plastic surgery in Temecula, no one is more trusted than Dr. Kincaid. He is an award-winning plastic surgeon with many years of experience in giving men a natural and handsome look. Give us a call and schedule your consultation today.

Dr. Kincaid serves the greater Inland Empire area including Riverside, Moreno Valley, Ontario, Corona, and Murrieta.

For San Diego patients, please call our La Jolla office at  858-450-4199.

Natural skin– the new “in”

April 18th, 2013

Coco Chanel was the pioneer of tanned skin. After a luxurious vacation in St. Barth’s, the legendary fashion icon made sunbathing not only trendy then but for years to come. Nowadays though, tan skin has lost its golden touch.

The latest “trend” to hit the beauty market? Beautifully natural skin.

That’s because untanned skin is now considered a beauty staple according to a report at NorthernLife.ca. The news source says that now more than ever, natural skin is one of the most “in” accessories in looking your best – at least, that’s what a group of students are rooting for now that prom season is here.

The truth is that tanning is notoriously dangerous for your skin, leading to consequences like skin cancer, also commonly known as melanoma. In fact, the report tells us that people who use tanning bulbs are 75 percent more likely to develop skin cancer than others who are tan-free between ages 15-29.

“It’s important to inform the student body about the dangers of tanning,” said teenager Sophia Baldan, leader of the Marymount School campaign for anti-tanning. “I hope they respond with a good reaction.”

The ambitious teen even received a $300 grant for her efforts from the Canadian Cancer Society.

“They are literally going to save lives,” the organization said. “It’s everything you dream about in a charity like ours.”

As for the look of naturally beautiful skin, one teenager participating in the high school campaign for safe skin said she’s all about the “trendiness” of healthy skin.

“It seems like healthy is in fashion,” she said.


If you’re like many women, the sun has probably damaged your skin at some point in your life. Whether you accidentally got sunburned or simply worshipped the sun regularly, most people can say that they have received some kind of skin damage from sun exposure.

The truth is that the sun can cause a great deal of havoc on the skin including fine lines, wrinkles and dreaded age spots. When it comes to reversing that damage, here are 3 steps that can get you the skin you want – smooth, silky, ageless skin!

1. Sunscreen

Your first line of defense from the damaging effects of the sun is the daily use of sunscreen. Most women need to wear at least an SPF 30 to stay protected even from incidental exposure from the sun.

2. Chemical peel

A chemical peel is an excellent choice in skin rejuvenation. This procedure sloughs off the first few layers of skin, revealing healthier-looking and more beautiful texture as skin begins to heal. Chemical peels in San Diego are an ideal option for women who suffer from age spots.

3. Laser therapy

The latest in reversing skin damage from the sun is DOT (dermal optical thermolysis) laser therapy. San Diego plastic surgeon, Dr. Kincaid, is a leader in providing laser therapy to rejuvenate the skin’s surface. This procedure uses a fraxel-like laser to resurface the skin, leading to a softer, clearer appearance as skin heals.

For more information on these procedures, call our office in La Jolla, California at 858-450-4199 and schedule your consultation today.


Braless? Women who dare to bare may benefit, study says

April 14th, 2013

If you shudder at the thought of going braless, you’re not alone. The bra industry is a multimillion dollar empire with millions of women worldwide using these busty contraptions on a daily basis. But according to a new French study, bras are actually insignificant when it comes to keeping breasts perky and beautiful.

So did the French women get it right?

Well, the 15-year study examined the way breasts looked over time having used a bra, and of course, the chests that went completely bare without any so-called support. In its findings, the study found that bras produced no significant benefits for the women who used them – what’s more, the study also revealed that bras may actually harm breasts over time.

“Medically, physiologically, anatomically, the breast does not benefit from being deprived of gravity,” Jean-Denis Rouillon, a professor at the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon, told France Info according to a report at the Huffington Post.

Roullion measured and examined over 300 women between the ages of 18 and 35. In their findings, women who did not use bras benefited in the long run – a surprising fact that has many American women rethinking their bras. According to the study, women who did not use bras actually developed more muscles in the pectoral area that showed to support the breast as opposed to making them sag. Nipples gained so-called higher lift as well, making the breast appear overall younger and more beautiful in both size and shape.

Alternatively, when bras were worn, the extra support actually led to less tissue growing, thus leading to accelerated sagging.

“At first, I was a little reluctant to the idea of running without a bra, but I got started and after five minutes, I had no trouble at all,” said one of the bra study participants.

According to the study, though, Roullion says that it would be dangerous to get rid of all their bras just on merit of the study’s findings.

Roullion said it would be a bad idea to completely remove one’s bra after decades of use as this could likely lead into more sagging from the dramatic change. Muscle would need more time to grow and support the breasts in order to benefit from being braless.


Anyone who has had children or simply has experienced age can attest to the fact that breasts can sag over time. That’s nearly indisputable.

For the women experiencing sagging breasts, there are solutions that can help you restore the volume and lift that can make you look years younger not to mention the confidence that it can build.

If you are interested in finding out which cosmetic surgery procedures are best for sagging breasts, you may benefit from scheduling a consultation with Dr. Kincaid, an award winning plastic surgeon with years of experience in breast augmentation, breast lift and the traditional breast implant surgery in San Diego. Call us at 858-450-4199 and schedule you consultation today to find out what options you may have in breast augmentation.