Did Robin McGraw, wife of Dr. Phil, get plastic surgery?

Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin McGraw, is a celebrity in her own right since she regularly appears on her husband’s talk TV show. As a regular on the show, many fans have wondered if the famous wife has undergone surgery to keep her skin looking so firm and fabulous. And now reports at ShowBizSpy say that Robin has indeed gone under the knife, treating herself to several cosmetic enhancements to maintain her youthful, radiant glow.

Reports say Robin has undergone a facelift, breast reduction and Botox treatments.

A New York-based plastic surgeon told the National Enquirer that he believes Robin has also undergone an “endoscopic mid-facelift” which aims to create lift and a more youthful appearance by way of tiny incisions within the skin’s surface, drawing drapey skin tighter. An endoscopic facelift works by tightening skin around the patient’s temple area and around the mouth according to the news source.

Another doctor who has not treated the TV talk wife also believes Robin may have had lip augmentation or injections to give her pout that extra dose of fullness.

“They seem to be augmented, but I don’t feel she has good symmetry or a natural shape,” said Dr. Lawrence S.  Bass. “This could be done better.

“It looks clear to me that she has added volume to the face, either with fillers like Radiesse or Sculptra or with fat injections.

“Her breast silhouette seems smaller in one of the photos. This suggests a breast reduction, removal of breast implants or exchange to smaller implants.”

While Robin hasn’t spoken out on the plastic surgery rumors, her fans think she looks great!

To read more about Robin and her suspected plastic surgery, click here.

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