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Botox in Riverside Battles Hand Tremors

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Botox in Riverside, and also the most common cosmetic procedure in the U.S., isn’t just used to wage war on wrinkles. Recently studies show Botox can help people dealing muscle tremors. An injection of Botox paralyzes the muscles, which is why the treatment works so well to fight the signs of aging. The muscle under the wrinkles is in a frozen-like state and the skin around it smoothes. According to the New York Times, the paralyzing of the muscle may help people with a condition known as Essential Tremor.

This mysterious ailment, which is most common in people older than 65, causes the uncontrollable shaking of the hands, head or other body parts. Jules Zalon, from New York suffers from this condition. Her tremors occur primarily in her right hand “which makes writing either impossible or at least laughable.” She went to a neurologist and was prescribed medication, but was wary of taking drugs. She heard Botox may be an answer, and started looking into this alternative treatment.

Zalon might be on the right track. A study done by Baylor College of Medicine shows Botox injections in people with hand tremors can decrease the shaking. After injections of Botox, patients saw “significant improvement” four weeks after the treatment. “Botox may significantly ameliorate essential hand tremor in patients who fail to improve with conventional pharmacologic therapy,” the study stated. While the study shows promise, Dr. Elan D. Louis, a professor of neurology and epidemiology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University cautions patients about this alternative treatment. “Intramuscular injections of Botox, or botulinum toxin, may play a limited role in the treatment of wrist and voice tremors in patients with essential tremor. However, many patients with essential tremor not only have wrist tremors but also have shoulder, elbow and finger tremors. As the number of muscles involved increases, the efficacy of these injections decreases.”

The cause of Essential Tremors is unknown. Some doctors believe the twitching happens because of faulty wiring in the brain, others think nerve endings are to blame. Regardless of the cause, the course of treatment should be decided with a doctor. Patients using Botox to fight the symptoms brought on by tremors did experience weakness in the muscles. Some patients worried about the number of injections sites. Because it’s difficult to pinpoint which muscles are causing the tremor, some patients have upwards of 20 injection sites.

While Botox has proved effective in other areas like treating tremors, migraines and bladder problems, its main use is still in the cosmetic world. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 2.6 million people had Botox injections last year. Surgeons say it has been the most sought after treatment for more than a decade, with the number of patients receiving the treatment increasing each year.

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Weight Loss and Diet Could Help Menopausal Symptoms

Friday, July 13th, 2012

gray hair2 Weight Loss and Diet Could Help Menopausal SymptomsMenopausal women can suffer negative symptoms that can range from mild to severe. A recent online news article found that diet and weight loss can have a positive effect on the negative symptoms many women experience prior to, during, and after menopause. According to the article women who are in the process of menopause and lose weight by eating low-fat foods including fruits and vegetables are likely to reduce or completely eliminate hot flashes and night sweats according to a new large study. Researchers felt the need to look at other alternatives besides hormone replacement therapy for helping women to get relief from negative menopausal symptoms including hot flashes and night sweats. “We wanted to see if this could be an alternative to hormone therapy,” said lead researcher Candyce Kroenke, a research scientist at Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division of Research in Oakland. “Indeed, women who lost weight in the context of this healthier diet — decreasing fat, increasing whole grains, fruits and vegetables — were significantly more likely to reduce or eliminate symptoms,” she added. The reduction in hot flashes and night sweats which are the main complaints menopausal women have was evident in both overweight as well as normal weight women who lost weight. The reason women experience this was explained by the fact that fat tends to retain heat, and losing weight helps the body to get rid of the heat much easier. The report was published online in the July 11 issue of Menopause, the study included data from more than 17,000 participants in the Women’s Health initiative study. Dr. Stuart Kincaid often consults with menopausal women who are concerned with not only weight gain but also change in their body contour. Some patients see a thickness in the upper abdomen, above the bra line, and the outer thighs that was never present prior to menopause. For some of his patients they have not increased their weight substantially so it seems unexplained. Dr. Stuart Kincaid explains to patients that hormonal shifts in their body can cause fat deposits to settle in different areas. In these cases, Dr. Stuart Kincaid will typically recommend liposuction to treat the affected areas. Liposuction gives Dr. Stuart Kincaid the ability to treat areas by systematically removing small areas of fat and creating a much more toned and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Patients are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stuart Kincaid if they are concerned with recent changes in their body contour. Dr. Stuart Kincaid will perform a thorough initial consultation and help the patient to determine if liposuction is a viable option for them.

New Study Says Underweight is Worse Than Overweight

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

thin woman1 New Study Says Underweight is Worse Than OverweightIt is surprising to see that according to a new study you can be too thin. According to a recent online article a new study implies that it could be much more detrimental to have your doctor give you an underweight diagnosis as compared with a diagnosis of” obese”.  Researchers at the University Of California Davis School Of Medicine reported that they surveyed 50,994 Americans who ranged in age from 18 to 90 years old over a time span of six years, with a goal of examining the link between body mass index ( BMI) and mortality based on a representative, contemporary United States sample. Their results were published in the Journal of American Board of Family Medicine. They discovered that based on the BMI model, being underweight was associated directly with an elevated mortality risk, in contrast to being overweight which was associated directly with a reduction in mortality risk. Morbid obesity was associated with an elevated risk of mortality however the association was directly linked to existing diabetes and/or hypertension. According to the study co-authors, Anthony Jerant, MD, and Peter Franks, MD much of the focus is placed on obesity and BMI with the direct correlation to mortality often being overlooked. Plastic surgery patients can also be too thin. It is important for plastic surgery patients to avoid losing so much weight that they are considered underweight. This can have a negative effect on their plastic surgery results. Dr. Stuart Kincaid explains to his breast augmentation patients that significant weight loss especially in thin patients can change the appearance shape and contour of an augmented breast. Patients can begin to see rippling where there may have been no visible wrinkling prior to the weight loss. In some patients this can be visible along the cleavage line as well as on the sides of the breast. This can happen most notably with saline implants however it is also possible to see rippling with silicone gel implants especially in very thin patients. For many patients re- gaining 5 to 10 pounds can cause the rippling to no longer be visible. In some instances patients with saline implants may choose to exchange the implants for silicone gel implants which are less likely to show visible rippling. Dr. Stuart Kincaid invites patients to schedule a consultation if they have concerns with previous breast augmentation and want to consider breast implant exchange.


Is a Facelift Old School?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

woman looking in mirror2 Is a Facelift Old School?With all the hype concerning lasers, injectables, and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation options it’s easy to believe that a facelift is old-fashioned or old-school. Before patients shoot down the idea of having a facelift they first need to be clear about what it is they would like to achieve. Dr. Stuart Kincaid offers a full range of both nonsurgical as well as surgical facial rejuvenation options; so, therefore he has no hidden agenda in recommending one approach over the other. Patient should understand that a facelift has specific benefits that are unable to be achieved through nonsurgical or minimally invasive procedures. A facelift is a longer-lasting effect and is proven to achieve an appearance that looks about 7 to 10 years younger than a patients stated age. This is a lifelong effect even as the patient ages, it is still visible. Also, if a patient has extreme loose skin in the lower half of the face and also has loose and lax skin on the neck minimally invasive procedures may diminish the appearance that they will not tighten the skin enough to give the same result as a surgical facelift. Typically, the older a patient is when they begin to consider facial rejuvenation procedures the less likely they are to see a dramatic benefit, if they choose minimally invasive procedures over a surgical facelift. Skin laxity diminishes with age and the best results will always be in a younger patient with healthier skin. The best combination for most patients is a surgical facelift combined with injectables including Juvederm and Botox. Also Sculptra which gradually replaces volume in the face with the patient’s own collagen can be used after a facelift to achieve an even more youthful appearance in the nasolabial folds. Laser skin resurfacing is also an excellent adjunct to a surgical facelift. A facelift is not a procedure of the past. It remains one of the best values for patients based on the money invested. Dr. Stuart Kincaid welcomes patients to schedule a consultation to determine which facial rejuvenation procedures are best for them.


If You Want X-Large Breast Implants You Should Choose an Expert

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

large breast implants1  If You Want X Large Breast Implants You Should Choose an Expert Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery. A small percentage of women want extremely large breast implants. A recent online news article highlighted a woman from the United Kingdom who chose to have extra-large breast implants with what later she found out to be an unqualified cosmetic surgeon. According to the story Andrea Scott had the desire to increase her bust size to an F-cup but once she had her breast augmentation surgery with the unqualified cosmetic surgery the stitches burst open and the implants began sagging out of the incision. There is an investigation currently underway to determine what happened with the surgery that was performed by Dr Ashish Dutta. It has been proven that the doctor inappropriately inserted the extra-large implants and that he also failed to provide her with a referral for a second opinion. He is also under masturbation for calling himself what is known in the United Kingdom as a “consultant cosmetic surgeon” which meant he did not have the qualifications to conduct invasive plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Dutta denies any wrongdoing and has declined all comment. Andrea Scott has had to carry out a string of subsequent surgeries and has spent the equivalent of more than $55,296 out-of-pocket to correct the atrocities that happened as a result of the surgery. She had four operations over a period of 18 months and says that she is left with both psychological as well as physical scars have a negative effect on her business and social relationships. Dr. Stuart Kincaid is considered to be an expert in breast augmentation using extra-large breast implants. As an  ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stuart Kincaid  understands the necessary requirements for preparing the patient both physically as well as mentally for breast augmentation using extra-large implants. While complications can occur with any surgery, the best way to reduce the risk of complications is to select a well-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Stuart Kincaid. Dr. Stuart Kincaid is committed to a thorough assessment of the patient prior to surgery, to determine if in fact they are a good candidate for the procedure. Dr. Stuart Kincaid welcomes patients who are considering breast augmentation with either extra-large implants or the more popular sizes, to schedule a consultation to determine if breast augmentation is right for them.




How Far in Advance Should You Schedule Your Plastic Surgery Consultation and Surgery?

Monday, July 9th, 2012

woman talking on cell phone  How Far in Advance Should You Schedule Your Plastic Surgery Consultation and Surgery? Patients who are considering plastic surgery rarely do so on a whim. Most patients have been thinking about it for a long time and then finally make the decision to move forward. In most cases, it makes sense to begin the research phase of the process as soon as the patient is considering surgery. This is especially important for patients who are considering complex surgeries like post massive weight loss procedures including thigh lift, arm lift, or body lift. Gathering information from reliable sources on the Internet, the ASPS website, and other medical resources can prove valuable in providing background information for the patient. Once the patient has gathered enough research it is time to approach the consultation phase. This is a good time to put together a resource tablet so that patients can refer to questions that they have as they proceed with their consultation. Dr. Stuart Kincaid stresses to his patients, in the initial consultation that it is important to understand that plastic surgeons could vary in their recommendation for the patient. This does not mean necessarily that one plastic surgeon is correct and the other is wrong in their recommendation. A plastic surgeon makes a recommendation based on what he or she is comfortable with in their own hands. For this reason, it can be extremely confusing if a patient has numerous consultations. It is much more effective if patients make a decision prior to the consultation concerning which qualities and characteristics must be present in the practice and with the plastic surgeon that they choose. For example,  is important that your plastic surgeon is located within a 20 mile radius of your home, or is it important that your plastic surgeon has a certain number of years of experience? These should be decided before making your first consultation so that it becomes much more effective when making the final decision. Dr. Stuart Kincaid typically encourages patients to make their consultation fairly close- to when they are actually ready to schedule there surgery. If the consultation is too far in advance of when the patient is ready for surgery, it is likely that many things could have changed and the recommendation may no longer be valid. Dr. Stuart Kincaid welcomes patients to schedule a consultation to determine which plastic surgery procedures are best for them.


Laser Skin Options; Are They Good For The Summer?

Friday, July 6th, 2012

skin damage1  Laser Skin Options; Are They Good For The Summer? Laser skin care treatments have gotten a lot of buzz lately. It is easy to become confused about which lasers are best based on your specific skin concern. Dr. Stuart Kincaid is one of the few board-certified plastic surgeons who have available within his practice, a range of state-of-the-art laser devices to help patients achieve the best minimally invasive skin care options available today. Dr. Stuart Kincaid explains to his patients that laser devices in themselves cannot be credited or criticized for results. The results of any laser skin care treatments are heavily dependent upon the skill and expertise of the medical professional administering the laser treatment. Patient should never take for granted the experience and expertise of and an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Stuart Kincaid. With 25+ years of plastic surgery experience Dr. Stuart Kincaid has a surgical understanding of not only the skin and the underlying tissues but also the muscles and how they can cause wrinkling in the face. He also has a clear understanding of the loss of volume in the face that happens as we age and how that relates to a patient’s overall appearance. Dr. Stuart Kincaid utilizes both Sciton Profile and Joule Lasers . These state-of-the-art laser systems give Dr. Stuart Kincaid the added ability to perform a wide range of laser skin rejuvenation procedures which include everything from micro laser peels to laser hair removal. Often patients believe that investing the time and finances in laser skin options during the summer doesn’t make sense because patients are required to avoid direct sun exposure. Dr. Stuart Kincaid and his staff explain to patients that the summer time is often one of the best times to invest in laser resurfacing and other laser skin care alternatives. Often patients have time off from work due to summer vacations and it is an excellent time to prepare the skin for the fall and winter months, as many of the fall and winter holidays are centered on family time and social activities. Also, during the slower summer months there are many skin care incentives that will not be available once the busy fall or winter season begin. Dr. Stuart Kincaid encourages patients to schedule a consultation in the office to see which laser skin care options are best for them. He encourages patients not to hesitate and choose laser procedures during the summer months.


Should You Disclose Plastic Surgery When Dating?

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

dating couple3  Should You Disclose Plastic Surgery When Dating? Dating has changed significantly over the years mostly because of the Internet. The Internet has allowed what used to be a fairly intimate process conducted within the circle of people that you meet in your daily social settings, to a scenario that appears to mean ”the world is your oyster”. Internet dating is heavily dependent upon pictures and most every site makes it very clear that the more pictures a profile has the more likely they are to receive responses. Obviously appearance has a lot to do with success in dating, at least on the Internet. So, plastic surgery is likely to help most people achieve their best most youthful appearance. Older adults as well as younger adults are likely to at least wonder if the person in the profile picture have had plastic surgery. A man looking at a beautiful woman in her late 20s to mid 30s who has had children and has a perfect figure is likely to wonder if she has had a tummy tuck or breast augmentation. A woman looking at a man in his mid-60s with virtually no wrinkles is likely to wonder if he has had a facelift. So, if you are one of the people who has made the decision to have plastic surgery to maintain your best appearance should you tell the person that you are dating? Dr. Stuart Kincaid advises patients throughout the plastic surgery experience to be proud of their decision; however to remember that their choices are personal. Patient should not disclose any information that they do not feel comfortable disclosing. Support for plastic surgery decisions is important because most people who have plastic surgery do so in part with the intention that it will increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. When patients have to defend their decision it can undermine their self-esteem and self-confidence. Looking good and feeling good is the ultimate goal so a patient’s decisions to disclose plastic surgery while dating should remain personal and should only happen when the patient feels 100% comfortable with the other person.


Craving Fattening Foods? Don’t Look at the Pictures

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

fast food4 Craving Fattening Foods? Don’t Look at the PicturesIt is virtually impossible to miss seeing images of delicious fattening foods. A recent study seems to prove that when people look at images of fattening foods they are likely to crave eating them. According to a recent local article viewing pictures of hamburgers, cupcakes and other high-calorie foods can ignite cravings for fattening foods, even more so if you are drinking a sweetened drink at the time, reported the study. Researchers from the University of Southern California discovered that consuming a sugary drink while looking at photos of fattening foods increases the appetite and reward portions of the brain which could be an explanation for the obesity epidemic that exist today. “Studies have shown that advertisements featuring food make us think of eating, but our research looked at how the brain responds to food cues and how that increases hunger and desire for certain foods,” said the study’s principal investigator, Kathleen Page, assistant professor of clinical medicine at the university’s Keck School of Medicine, in a university news release. “This stimulation of the brain’s reward areas may contribute to overeating and obesity, and has important public health implications,” said Page. Dr. Stuart Kincaid stresses to his plastic surgery patients that maintaining a stable weight after plastic surgery plays a large part in the longevity of the results. Patients who have had procedures including abdominoplasty or liposuction are most likely to see a change in their results if they gain a significant amount of weight. Dr. Stuart Kincaid explains to patients that after body contouring procedures it is possible to gain weight. Even though after liposuction fat cells have been removed, there are fat cells that remain and if those are overpowered patients can gain weight. It is also important after breast augmentation to maintain a stable weight. If patients gain a significant amount weight it is likely that their bust line will increase as well. If the increases significant there could be a new component of sagging to the breast. It is important for patients to  understand that a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet and regular exercise is the best assurance that their plastic surgery results will last a lifetime.



Plastic Surgery Financing; Should Patients Consider It?

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Falling money  Plastic Surgery Financing; Should Patients Consider It?  As our nation works through some of the most difficult financial times we have had in recent years financing has taken many different turns. We have seen serious economic shifts in our country and more personally in the lives of many Americans. While plastic surgery financing is not new, there are more programs available today than there were a few years ago. Elective cosmetic plastic surgery is a choice and should always remain a personal choice based on an individual patient’s desires. But, unlike other medical procedures cosmetic plastic surgery is an out-of-pocket expense and patients have to factor in the financial aspect of their plastic surgery decision. To an outsider looking at the situation it is easy to make a blanket statement that a breast augmentation or a liposuction procedure should not be set up on an interest-bearing payment plan solely because it is a choice. But, when looking at the situation objectively one must look at other items consumers pay for overtime which also bear interest and are not necessity. These items include but are not limited to furniture, cars, vacations and the list continues. The degree of necessity for each of these items varies as much as the person considering them. Dr. Stuart Kincaid makes financing available to patients not as an inducement to have plastic surgery but as a viable option should they make the choice to have plastic surgery and the only obstacle that remains is the financial aspect of the surgery. Dr. Stuart Kincaid is one of the few plastic surgeons in the San Diego/La Jolla/Temecula area who offers a wide range of financial options. He offers plans from several different companies and encourages patients to compare specifics about each financial company and the plans they offer and decide which plan works best for them. Dr. Stuart Kincaid also offers a unique layaway plan which allows patients to make payments prior to having their surgery without incurring interest. Patients who have a desire to maintain their best appearance and have decided to have plastic surgery are overwhelmingly happy with the many options Dr. Stuart Kincaid offers to them.