A Tax Break For Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is not a decision made lightly. Aside from understanding the risks and benefits of a procedure, patients must also weigh the cost of the procedure. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, at least one country is giving cosmetic surgery patients a financial perk. In Brazil, government officials have made the cost of cosmetic surgery a little easier for residents to handle. The South American country has made procedures like tummy tucks, breast augmentations and liposuction tax deductible, according to an article in Allure magazine. This new tax deduction isn’t just for future patients; it’s a retroactive credit for anyone that received plastic surgery since 2004.

Brazil’s Plastic Surgery Society reports the number of procedures performed has climbed by as much as 30 percent annually in recent years. Brazil is the world’s top plastic surgery provider, with the United States coming in second place, according to the Associated Press.

“We concluded that cosmetic surgeries are also about health, physical and mental, and should be included in the list of deductible expenses,” Brazil’s tax coordinator, Joaquim Adir, told Bloomberg News.

“Everybody wants to be beautiful,” Brazilian plastic surgeon Sebastiao Guerra told the news provider. “But plastic surgery isn’t just about vanity. In the majority of cases, there are psychological benefits too.”

While Brazil believes the tax break will draw people to their country, here in the United States, the federal government has considered adding taxes to cosmetic surgeries. While several proposals have been written, so far, lawmakers have rejected an additional tax. Some states, including California and Washington have considered a tax too, as a way to raise more revenue.

Plastic surgeons in San Diego are fighting against additional taxes, saying it will drive business away. Surgeons say an additional tax won’t just hurt their business, but could also hurt a state’s economy. “When someone has plastic surgery, they’re not only coming to a plastic surgeon,” a New Jersey-based plastic surgeon told NPR. “They’re utilizing a hospital or a surgery center; they’re staying in local hotels; their family is eating in local restaurants; they’re utilizing pharmacies to fill their prescriptions. So all of that revenue is lost.”

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