A playground to keep the elderly fit and alert? What a great idea!

senior citizens2 A playground to keep the elderly fit and alert? What a great idea!According to Sign on San Diego London has the first playground for the elderly.  London’s first “senior’s playground” opened Wednesday in Hyde Park, after residents campaigned for more facilities to help older people get fit.

Organizers said people began lining up early in the morning to try the six low-impact fitness machines, which include a cross-trainer, a stationary bicycle and a sit-up bench.

“It was great seeing a large group of older people there, trying to outdo each other, even,” said Mark Camley, the chief executive of the body managing the park. “As we get an increasingly older population, it’s important to find ways to keep them active.”

The playground is aimed at people over 60, although the gentle exercise also helps patients recovering from operations and injury. It’s the first of its kind in London, and is modeled on similar play areas for the elderly in other European countries.

Dr Stuart Kincaid consults with patients who are over 65 and in excellent health. Contrary to what people may believe elderly patients are perfect candidates for plastic surgery. As long as they are in good health they can  have surgery. That would include  a facelift, rhinoplasty. or even abdominoplasty. Injectables like Botox or Restylane are also an option for older patients. Looking your best has no age limits.


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